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Saturday, July 28, 2012


I watched the opening ceremony last night, as millions of people did. I enjoyed it so much. I shame-faced admit that I have watched little of the Olympics over the years, somewhat because I was too busy to just sit down, partially because my husband didn't care for sports of any kind (a little football), but nevertheless, I broke that pattern last night. I'm glad I did.

Watching the Olympic athletes marching was exhilarating for me. Those beautiful young faces, all so full of hope had me spellbound. Most were smiling, some had tears escaping, some looked almost overwhelmed, but I think they all had anticipation in their eyes.

I loved the virtual rainbow that was flowing through the screen. It's one of those times when a person could not escape the beauty of diversity in our world. As I observed this event, I wondered how people can not see this. Diversity ADDS to our lives. It shouldn't be threatening or frightening. But I don't really want to go there at this time; I'm just reflecting on my experience of last night's regalia.

In the contours of those fresh faces is our future. Oh no, it's not just those faces on the screen, but what they represent, young people from around the world, from almost every country. I wish we could all tap into their energy, soar with them, and find all the positives in the future. It tickles me that many of those kids carried their own cameras to remember their own story. They didn't rely on the professionals, but snapped pictures or took video from where they were, to capture the exact experience they were having. What could be better than that?

I also wondered if in four or eight years from now, I might be watching my granddaughter's face in that parade. Not long ago she was tapped to try out for the Olympic prep program in soccer. She didn't make the tryout team, but at 14, that's OK. She was encouraged to try again. One of the team members told her he'd tried out several times before he was successful. I hope she doesn't give up the efforts. Whether she makes the team or not is unimportant, but having the attitude of striving for success is vital in all of life. This would be just the beginning of how/who she could be.

I wonder what the original Olympic competitors, the ancient Greeks, would think if they could see this. I query their shock that women are competing. Wouldn't they be astounded at the variety of competitions included now? They might be surprised that the participants are clad! Thank goodness for that!

It was fun. I'll do it again. 

Where were you last night?

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