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Monday, August 27, 2012

The last few days .....

.... have been wildly busy! I've been away, not even checking in here until now. After I 'splain, I think you'll understand.

Back up to last Thursday, the first day of our classes.

Beginning at 5:00 pm I began Healing Touch class for Level IV, the last one for at least a year. More on that year in a bit. We assembled at the home of our teacher for what was essentially a retreat. Those of us who lived locally were allowed to go home at night, good for me so I could be with my pups and feel healing from their sweet little selves.

Here is why I haven't been here at the blog:
Thursday, 5:00 to 10:00 pm
Friday, 7:00 am to 10:00 pm
Saturday, 7:00 am to 10:00pm
Sunday, 7:00 am to 12:00 noon
This included meals and rest/study/meditation breaks, and honestly, we were able to break out early most of the time; but it was still an intense schedule. When I got home each day, I was beyond tired. I usually spent a little time with the babies and then was off to bed. Despite the tiredness, what a fantastic experience.

There were eight of us in the class. Two were my friends and coworkers with whom I've completed the previous three classes, and five were new to me, two from Arizona, two from California (one southern and the one northern) and one from Canada. It didn't take long to become friends, working at this level of intimacy and drive. We were paired off in teams for the whole weekend, and we could not work with someone we knew from before. Good experience, because it made for a more realistic work challenge, something like we might have with meeting a client for the first time.

All weekend, we had classes, worked on each other, and ate our meals together. It was challenging and so much fun, all at the same time. At the end, we each had to write a case study paper on the work we'd done on each other, our "clients." By the time we left, it was very difficult to say goodbye. But we did with a caveat, as most of us are on FB and will stay in touch via a group there. We will exchange many things, including having a peer group to discuss our experiences as we go through the next year (or more), working with clients, writing our papers and case studies, getting ready for the final step, a Level V class and the certification process (submitting records, papers, etc., for a board to read through and process for approval). It is going to be wonderful to have these beautiful women to walk with through this time.

I was exhausted when I got home about 1:00 yesterday. I was tired, wanted to sleep, but couldn't unwind enough to nap. I played around with developing the documentation papers I plan to use for the next year and beyond. The pups were constantly close to me. I think they missed me! It just took a while for me to come down from the level of tension I'd held for four days. But last night I slept like the proverbial rock, over nine hours straight through! I feel good today, a bit under the radar on energy, but very good.

Yesterday morning when I was getting ready to go I was thinking about how tired I was, wishing I didn't have to do those last few hours, and wondering if I'd bitten off more than I could chew in this training. I was really feeling sorry for myself, to put it mildly. Suddenly, the dogs all went charging out to the back yard, barking crazily. That, in itself, is not terribly unusual. They do that when the deer pass through our property or when the neighbor's cat climbs up in the tree out back and teases them,. However, usually it will be two or three of them at a time, and the barking is the "get off our property" kind of bark. What happened Sunday morning was all five of them voicing fury or ferocity that I have never heard! It was more like "Get the f**k away, demon spawn!!!"

I ran to the back door, afraid they might have actually caught the cat inside the fence and were ripping it to pieces, and I saw a flash of another animal going around the end of the house. I flew through the house, onto the deck and down the length of it in time to see a coyote tearing down the driveway, tail tucked between the legs!! A coyote!!!! Inches away through a chain link fence from my babies! They can easily jump my fence, and I wonder if it might have actually been inside, in our sacred safe yard, before my little brave (and perhaps stupid??) kids ran it off?? The good thing is a coyote won't usually take on a whole pack.  Still ..............

And my pups were right .... definitely demon spawn!!

I remembered a few minutes later that there are meanings in the animal sightings we have. It is especially important to pay attention to those times they show up unexpectedly or where you wouldn't expect them. Well this is certainly unexpected! I got out my book that tells about meaning of animal spirits. These usually resonate with me. I read the four or five sentences/meanings, and on most occasions, something resonates with me. Here is what I read:
Lighten up -- you're taking things much too seriously.*
The resources you need are available.*
Something quite unexpected and not necessarily welcome is about to happen.
Rather than fighting or running from this situation, it will work out better if you adjust to it.
Look for the lessons in the turmoil you're experiencing.*
Forgive yourself for any mistakes or errors, and look for the gifts that have come out of the experience.
The three I marked with asterisks just jumped at me! I stuck the book in my bag to share with my teacher and mentor who is also my good friend. She turned me onto this book, and it has been such a marvelous tools for me.

Then as I drove the ten miles to her house for the last session, a cottontail rabbit came to the side of the road, stopped, waited a few seconds and ran back into the forest. I made a mental note to check "rabbit" when I got there. I see jackrabbits/hares more often that a cottontail, so this was again that unexpected presentation.  Here are the messages:
This is a very creative time for you, so it's important to quickly take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way unexpectedly.*
Be extra vigilant for the next couple of days, and if anything threatening shows up, leave as quickly as possible.*
Try a vegetarian diet for the next few days and pay attention to how you feel.
Rather than steady, step-by-step progress, you'll see it happen in leaps and bounds.*
You're going to find yourself going through a period of quiet and stillness followed by a burst of intense activity.*
Express your love freely and readily to those you're closest to.*

Woweee-zowee!! It all made so much sense!

Yes, animal spirits, I hear you!

Oh, shoot! I forgot to update about the medical stuff. Nothing showed up in the lab work. Everything was essentially in order, cholesterol up a bit, but fixable since the HDLs were through the roof. We are trying some supplements to address the possibilities that could have caused it. Magnesium, potassium and bromelain, all of which are good for muscles, including heart. As a side, my blood pressure was up the day I saw the doc, and he had me monitor it for a few days. It dropped to a healthy level within 2-3 days and has remained there since. All is good! Not fully understood, but good.

OK, now I'm done!  chuckle


  1. You have been busy. That is quite an accomplishment in taking on this class and doing all that you had to do. Congrats!

    1. Thanks, RET. This sort of undertaking is so good for the soul!

  2. Lyn, I find learning the messages that my animal visitors may be bringing to be very enlightening and downright plain fun! I'm glad for you and proud of you for taking the time to research and listen to yours. May light, love and healing embrace you as you walk your new path. Love you!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I am really enjoying all the new "things" that are entering my life from so many sources! It is always exciting and fun, not to mention enlightening. Every day is a new experience. Yay!! And thanks! Love you, too!

  3. Well I'm glad to hear the tests came out alright, that's a relief! And what an experience with the healing therapy classes. It actually sounds fun, demanding but fun!!
    O.K. what does it mean when you spot a turkey close by? Seriously, I was just a few feet away from one the other day. Love Di ♥

    1. Turkey:
      ~ It's important to transcend the focus on your own needs to consider the greater of the whole, such as your family, community or world.
      ~ You're about to receive a gift of some sort -- material, spiritual, or intellectual -- that could be anything from winning the lottery to a simple gift, such as witnessing a beautiful sunset.
      ~ Perform some act that honors the earth, whether a sacred ceremony or simply picking up trash.
      ~ Volunteer your time in selfless service for some organization that you want to support.

      There ya go!! And no, you got it right ... feet!

  4. Did I say Feat? I meant feet, oh hell you know what I meant!! Love Di ♥

  5. Thanks Lyn, guess what? I saw a dead turkey on the road today.
    It could be that I myself am a Turkey, HeHeHe....

    1. Err, uhmmm, I think I'll let you decide on that! LOL!


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