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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Rambling ....

Sheesh. I'm getting tired. I started out this morning to thoroughly clean the house. I've cleaned every week, but not a thorough one in quite a while. I planned to take today and tomorrow to do that, the have Monday for myself.

My bedroom and bathroom are wonderful! I even shampooed the carpet. Boy it will be nice tonight to sleep in such a wonderfully clean place!

I am probably 2/3 done in the kitchen/living room. It's kinda like a great room, no walls. And it is looking good, too. But I think I'm running outta steam for today. I can finish this tomorrow and get the guest room and bath easily. They are both essentially clean as they aren't used much. My office is the last thing, and I may have to do that next weekend. We'll see. I have a lot of filing and organizing in there, and I'd rather not be too tired for that.

I also need to do some work on the deck. Not sure when that will come along. I'm having a dinner here on the 15th, so I need to get it straightened so we can use it. That shouldn't be a big problem.

Even though I'm tired, I love getting a lot of work done like this. Doesn't it feel good when the house is in tiptop shape? I'm a casual housekeeper. My house is lived in. But I like it to be clean, and that's what I usually do about once a month is clean thoroughly, and the rest of the time, I dust, vacuum, straighten. I've been lax, as I haven't done this kind of cleaning since the fire. Oh, I've cleaned a lot, but that was to get rid of the soot, so it was not throughout the house, but a little at a time, moving thing and vacuuming the soot.

OK, enough of that. I'm sure you didn't come to read about me cleaning house!  chuckle.

I thought monsoons were over. It has been several days since we've had rain. But the forecast has rain possible several days next week. I hope so. We had enough to make the countryside really green and nice, but as you know, it takes rain over a long stretch to cancel the drought. I doubt we will do that this year, but all rain is welcome. Well, I should be careful about saying that .... I have friends in the Kansas City area who are flooding! Feast or famine, isn't it?

Oh, Monday! I forgot to tell you what I'm doing Monday. I'm going shooting! Yes, pacifist me is going shooting. My husband left a couple guns for me, and living alone in the forest,  I decided I really should be able to use them, especially since a mountain lion is roaming in this area after the fire.

Several months ago I talked with a man whose mother was in hospice. In the conversation he offered to show me how to clean and care for the guns, as well as to take me shooting for practice. As he said, if you're afraid of the guns you'll likely get hurt. I shot .22s when I was a teenager, the had a couple really bad experiences with a deranged boyfriend and his guns, so I've hated them. I need to get over that.  So Monday, I'm getting in some target practice.

As we have talked over the months, the man who is teaching me about the guns has made a number of comments to let me know he is interested in me. However, he doesn't follow through with invitations. I'm not sure if he is shy or perhaps he is letting me set the pace. That's OK, too. Honestly, every time we have talked, I've been busier than stink. He finally said recently that he'd like to take me to dinner if I would be interested, so I'm guessing we're gonna give it a whirl. We'll see how it goes!

In four weeks I'm going to my high school class reunion. Fifty years! FIFTY!!! Holy cow! I'm looking forward to it. You might recall, I had lunch recently with one of the old classmates, and it really got my interest stirred up in our talks about "the old days." We consider ourselves lucky to have grown up when and when we did. The town wasn't huge, you knew almost everyone, and of course, the other parents knew yours, so it helped keep up in line, I think. My kids grew up in cities. The kind of closeness my class had is something my kids just didn't get. anyway, I'm going to enjoy the weekend!

OK, time to fix a bit of dinner. Then a bath and book for a relaxing evening.  Later, gaters!


  1. One thing I'm looking forward to is being able to give the rig an honest-to-goodness going over once I'm up to it. I'm so in the mood to sort through, organize, rearrange, toss out "stuff."

    I learned to handle a gun back in Texas several years ago once I was living on my own again. Took a safe handling course, went to an indoor range regularly and shot cans at the home of friends in the country. It is indeed empowering and downright fun! Hope I never have to use that skill but if needed, I can do so safely.

    Have fun!

    1. If you're like I am, when you can't do the work as you can't now, you sit around and notice every single little thing, right? When I'm sick, I can't wait to get to all of it, then when I'm on my feet again, I'm too busy! LOL!

      The gun thing is a huge move for me. But I'll be shooting just a .22 to begin with, and I'll work up. Safety and confidence, ya know. :)

  2. It's soon as I read about the guy who wanted to show you how to work the gun, I said to myself, "He's after Lynilu!" and sure enough, you confirmed it soon thereafter. Well, keep us posted!

    And I for one actually do enjoy reading about your cleaning because it gets me thinking about my own neglect of that topic. I am such a slow cleaner that it's hard for me to talk myself into starting. I'm quick to trash the house, though......


    1. LOL! Every think I know about this guy says he is probably a pretty good person, but he is certainly s..l..o..w!!! I think I prefer that to the sweep-off-the-feet type, though. Don't trust them.

      Ah, housework. Wouldn't it be nice if it would stay once we do it? I tend to put things down wherever I am, so clutter grows. How about little magnets on everything so if when it gets cluttered, we could push a button and everything would zip into it's correct place? LOL!

  3. Glad you are learning to use a gun. Make sure that you keep it clean as I think that is the most important part...unless it is storing it high and dry.

    1. Yes, if nothing else, overcoming my old fears and distastes is vital. And "care and feeding" is critical if you plan to use it, I know. I didn't know the mechanics of cleaning a gun, so he has already gone over those details and how to load it, set the safety, etc. I'll feel better if I know what I should be doing, for sure.

  4. I think if nothing else comes of it, learning to use the guns properly is a good idea. I mean whats the point of having them if you don't know how to take care of them right? I am wondering though if you are actually attracted to this man? Or maybe you aren't sure yet?
    I clean my house once a week. Not always thoroughly though it depends on how much energy I have. I clean usually on Fridays before Jake comes home and then again on Monday after he leaves. I guess it's kind of stupid but we do acquire our strange habits don't we?
    A high school reunion sounds like fun. I went to a huge public H.S. in Chicago and honestly I don't remember but maybe three people. All my friends went to different schools and I was pretty shy back then. Anyway it will be something to look forward to! Love Di ♥

    1. I'm mildly attracted. It's probably because of my caution. Been there, done that, you know? I don't "need" a man in my life, and I'm perfectly happy with things as they are. Yet I'd like having someone besides the dogs to talk to at times! I figure I'm OK, because I'm not "lookin' fer a man," so I'm not jumping into anything. And a friend is as good as more at this time in my life. I'm not certain what he is after either, so there is just much to explore for us both, I suspect.

      My house cleaning is also weekly, but once a month or so I like to do a deeper cleaning. If I don't do that, it so easily gets out of hand, as it is now.

      Love ya back!


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