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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Saints save me

Geez, this has been a frustrating day. Nothing huge, just  .... stuff.

Before I left the house this morning, I looked in the mirror, as usual. Everything looked good, so I gathered up my stuff and left. Halfway into town I realized I wasn't sure if my physical therapy was at 9:00 or 10:00.(That's #1) I considered coming back and calling (the cell reception is bad in the mountains), but decided to just go ahead. About the time I got to PT, I realized I'd left my lunch in the fridge. (#2)

As I was driving, I looked down and realized that the black skirt I had on allowed my boot socks to show when I sat down (#3). My skirt is a "patchwork" of several different black materials, some solid and some "black on black," with wide black lace at the hem. Cool look with my western boots. The squares at the hem that were sheer floral black on black allowed my light grey socks to show through. Sigh. I needed to "sit like a lady" for sure, keeping my skirt pulled down over the tops of my boots.

PT went well. Well, most of it. At one point I was in one of the treatment rooms doing a series of exercises. The assistant/aide was talking with me as I worked. Just as my therapist poked his head in to see how I was doing, I realized I was extremely hot. I had thought it was because I was working hard, but the realization that hit me was that it wasn't right at all. I was icky hot and didn't feel right. I said "OK, I'm working, and I get that, but it seems terribly hot in here." They checked the air conditioning vent and there was no air coming out of it! (#4) the moved me quickly into the large main room, gave me water and put a fan on me. I was OK almost immediately, but yuck!

I got to the office. I was doing tasks, getting ready to go out and see some clients, and I realized those sheer floral black on black squares were not just at the hem. Uh-oh. I didn't wear a slip (#5). Keeerap. I wondered if my undies, and well, my everything was visible. Our chaplain, who is a good friend came in, so I asked her to check it out. We went outside, and she checked from several angles, and deemed me safe for public appearances. Whew. I didn't have to go home, a detour of 10 miles or so, for a slip.

Went out and saw clients. Everything went fine. But as I left the second one, I picked up my cell to call a friend who lived nearby. I was going to run by and see her if she wasn't busy. I was actually going to take about 10 minutes and get a FB account set up for her. She is a Healing Touch Practitioner, in fact my instructor and mentor, and I knew she had some clients today. I didn't want to just drop by, in case. Well, hooey-fooey! My cell phone was dead (#6)!!! I charged it last night! Or I thought I did. Later this evening I found the charger cord was not completely plugged in. Rats.

Back at the office I plugged the cell into the charger in the car and went into the office. Now, I left something out about earlier in the day, but at this point, I was back to finishing it up. I am responsible for putting together the monthly bereavement newsletter that goes out to families, churches, nursing homes, doctor's offices, etc. The Chaplain writes a letter/article and the rest is up to me. I usually try to wait till I have her article, then I try to match the rest of the letter with related items. Sometimes I just cut and paste, acknowledging the source(s) of my news pieces, other times I write something myself. I just got her article on Friday, and I had found several things that worked with her topic, but I had nothing that was cut-and-paste as a whole article. That meant I needed to write it. No problem.

Before I left to see families, I had written most of the article, and I was really pleased with it. Usually I save often as I go along, but I was on such a roll with the writing that I didn't. Yeah, you already know what happened. I closed another document and got the message asking if I wanted to save changes. I didn't as it was a worksheet of sorts. And when I clicked "no," my whole article went with it! (#7) I use a Mac at home. With Mac, each article is free-standing, so to speak. But with (#(^@*%$) Microsoft/Windows .... well, it does things differently, sort of linking similar documents open at the same time.

I opened the recycle bin and started looking for it. After all, I'd worked on it long enough that at least most of it should have "auto saved." I didn't find it before I left, so when I came back I began a document by document search. I went through junk back to 2008!! One by one, for over an hour, I looked at e.v.e.r.y....s.t.i.n.k.i.n.g....o.n.e. It simply was not there. Damn, double damn, triple damn.

By this time I was so frustrated I couldn't even remember enough of what I'd written to start again. I called our IT guy. He walked me through several attempts, but it simply was not to be found. I asked him how the auto save didn't work, and he couldn't give me an answer.

So I calmed myself down and rewrote the ^#(&$% article again.Would the rewrite be #8 or just part of #7? Oh, who cares.

May the saints preserve me for living another day such as this. Please!


  1. Somebody didn't have their bowl of Lucky Charms for breakfast did they? What a day Lyn. It sort of sounds like you were able to keep your sense of humor a bit at least.
    I'm somewhat used to "Bad" days like this. It seems my husband has them a lot, but I think that's just part of his job.
    Too bad I didn't live closer, I would have made you a drink when you came home, LOL!!
    Hope today is better for you. Love Di ♥

    1. Lucky Charms, huh? LOL! I didn't know that is what was needing! Fortunately, I don't have days like that often. The only thing that was really concerning is the lost article, and in retrospect, even that wasn't awful. I know it sounds like a bad day, but truth is, it was peanuts.

      Today will be better, Di. No question in my mind. :)

  2. Some days are diamonds.

    Some days are dust.

    And my Mother told me enough times to a.l.w.a.y.s. wear a slip!

    Here's to better karma!


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