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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I want

We usually get what we expect from life. If you believe you are going to have good life, chances are you will. You may not have everything you wish for, but you will have what you need. It’s that idea of positive thinking becoming manifest. Or the Law of Attraction. Or whatever title you give it.

This plays out in our lives in many ways. Think about it .... we don’t often see a happy, pleasant person married to a a grump, or a person who is a volunteer for good causes who is best friends with one who is mean spirited and bullies others. Generally our friends are people who are pretty much like us. Most of my friends are people who are creative (artists), who are healers and helpers (Healing Touch, Social Workers, Clergy, Nurses, psychotherapists, etc.), who volunteer for good causes (hospitals, libraries, hospice, animal causes), and so on. Those are qualities I like to think are my own. I like the notion that I’m a basically good person, and I attract good people to my presence.

There are always exceptions. I’ve met people and thought they were good to be around and learned they weren’t quite what I thought. Nothing is perfect, and at this stage of life, I’m accepting that there are no flawless circumstances. But I still believe that we generally attract to us people and circumstances that are a “fit.”

Recently I’ve been thinking about this concept in how it relates to the bigger picture, the world outside my own immediate one.

I thoroughly dislike campaign or election years. It seems to me that our world has become increasingly combative in political and related fields. I get really tired of nasty, negative political diatribe. For one thing, it amazes me that people think they will influence me to join their “side” with vile words against the opposition. For another, I don’t want to hang out with people who are sour. For yet one more, I don’t find much humor in snide and/or downright hateful stuff. Therefore, anyone who gets into this kind of really nasty stuff tends to alienate me rather than draw me to their side.

It’s more than politics, though. I see people who want things to be “right” in their worlds, but are going about it in the wrong way. A friend is less likely to be attracted to someone who always grouses, who finds fault with others, who is mean spirited. If a person wants to find a new mate, thinking “I’ll never find someone to love” will probably bring just that .... no love. It just makes sense to me that when a person wants something, that person should do things to attract what they want. But I suppose those folks don’t see themselves as others do. They don’t realize that they are repelling rather than attracting. However, it just makes me sad.

In my personal life, I’ve made effort, especially recently, to move away from the conflict. I’ve been actively replacing negative thoughts with positive affirmations as quickly and as often as possible. This has brought me a lot of peace. The “prickly person” at work is an example. When his office was moved near mine, the first few weeks were really tough, as I had to almost constantly check myself and replace thoughts such as, “I know it will happen. I wonder when he is going to say something snotty,” with something along the line of “I am creating a space around me that radiates peace and light to everyone.” Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But it’s not particularly simple in action when you are fearful of conflict with every breath. Interestingly, however, it has largely worked.

Boy, would I like it if people in that bigger picture would all try to put aside the nastiness and alienating behaviors and words. Wouldn't it be nice if candidates and their political parties would use language to construct bridges rather than dropping bombs that blow bridges up?

OK, that's a high expectation. I know that. But on this level where I live, I hope to be influencing the world around me to attract constructive, creative, strong, and positive people and events. It will take lots of people working on small acts of kindness and responsibility to make it work. I will continue to work on myself and hope others fall in with me. Basically, I do believe that when I expect negative, that's what I find in my life, and when I look for good things to happen in my life, my live goes much more pleasantly. I'll let ya know how it is working out.

Meanwhile, what's your wish, dream, hope for your life and the world?


  1. Keep looking for the good, and hopefully you will never be disappointed.

  2. I love this Lyn as I believe the exact same thing! Unfortunately there are those times when we do have to deal with others that don't seem so positive and that's when I try harder. But it doesn't always work and then it's time to move on. I always wonder what makes a person so unhappy, judgmental or just crotchety. God only knows what went on in there life that may have made them that way. I try to distance myself from people like that myself. I don't think there is any getting around that type of personality completely as the world is full of all different types, right?
    But still it does make me sad for them. I have always told my husband that if he ever turned into a crotchety, cranky old man, I will leave him.
    Love Di ♥

    1. You're right, Di. We can't completely avoid those types without becoming hermits. But I do what I can to lessen their effect on my life, and keep my positive affirmations rolling. And I'm old enough to realize that I don't need every person in the world to love me, to be my buddy!

  3. My dream right now is get through school without loosing my mind!! I have plans for dreams and the world but baby steps. Bobbie

    1. Every serious student feels that way at intervals during their journey, Bobbie. Last semester of my Master's degree, I had a major computer hiccup and was threatening, very seriously, to quit! Hang in there.

  4. I love reading what you have to say, probably because I almost always agree with you! It makes us both seem so smart! :)

  5. Dakota, I think we are both smart, indeed!! chuckle!


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