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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stuff and such, and a very long year

I almost have the summer/winter change out done. Man, do I dislike this task! No way around it, but I refuse to agree to not whine.  The good thing about it is that it I do actually go through the clothes and cull out some of the "not worns." I still have to look closely at the winter things as I hang them in the closet in my room, in hopes that I see some things I've lost my affection for. But that won't take long. I know already I need to buy two to four pairs of winter slacks, because I'm really short on those.

The worst is over, because the walking with armloads of clothing back and forth is done. As I figure it, I walked over 1/3 mile yesterday doing that! Hard to believe it, but the walk is 80 feet, and I made at least 20 trips. Whew.

Today I will take the summer t-shirts out of the drawers and put in the winter sweaters and sweatshirts.  And then I will be done.

The singles group got together last night. It was a potluck, so we had good food and enjoyed the company, too. I love this group, because it's not a "meat market," but a simply a good group of friends. Oh, there are a couple women who seem to be looking, but they don't come all the time, thank goodness. And actually, they are usually pretty well behaved in our group when they do come. Everyone in the group just enjoys getting together socially, doing picnics in the summer, potlucks and playing board games, going dancing, whatever. Last night we played Farkle, and we laughed and laughed .... and laughed! I always enjoy these people so much, and I'm really fortunate to have found them.

I have another dinner on Halloween, too. Last night I took apple dumplings with whipped cream, Thursday will be baked brie and some cheesy snacks. Everything is definitely easy, grab-n-go kinds of recipes but very yummy.

I need to cover the air conditioner, probably one evening this week. I haven't used it in a month, so I think it is time. I'd like to roll up the hoses, too, but I'm still watering. The daytime temps are mostly in the 60s, so the grass is still growing. I'm not sure if the last couple nights of sub-freezing has halted that growth, but I'll water in case. I think that will be the last of my winterizing. Thank goodness.

So today I will get the rest of the summer/winter change over done and do some studying. I have some things to do on Healing Touch certification and If I have time I will also work on the divinity studies. I've had to back-burner the latter for a while, because getting set up for this year of certification for HT has consumed much of my time recently. Fortunately, the divinity work is self-paced.

The last few weeks, I've come to realize how bad this year has been for me. I think I didn't realize it, because, as you know, when we are in the midst of life's challenges, we often don't realize the depth or the gravity of the situations we are in. I think that is where I've been most of this year. Here are the highlights:
  • February - the first HT training weekend.
  • March - TL came to visit and while she was here I got sick, allergies turning into bronchitis. I wasn't "well" again for several weeks, toward the end of April.
  • May wasn't bad, but there was a weekend of HT training, wonderful, but also takes a lot of energy. head is clearer h
  • June - the fire, the evacuation, smoke irritating the bronchitis, and then the wreck, leading to PT for the next 3 months. De-sooting the house every weekend is exhausting.
  • July - another pretty good month, but busy with PT and another HT training weekend. De-sooting again every weekend.
  • August - PT continues and a 4-day retreat of training for HT.
  • September - immediately after the retreat, I again developed allergies, then bronchitis, and this bout was one of the worst. I wasn't "well" until October arrived. 
  • October - in about the second week of October I realized I am finally well. Holy cow.
2012 has not been a good year for me in many ways, but there have been many good things, too. And I'm on an upswing, for sure now. My head is now clear, and I'm gonna be OK.

~   ~   ~   ~

Right after I posted this, I found the following. Rather serendipitous, don't you think?


  1. I like the quote at the end. It's a good reminder for me as well.

    I'm halfway through the summer-winter changeover. Tomorrow the flannel sheets go on the bed.

    1. Linda, I can't do flannel sheets, because I can't turn over in bed with them!! I sleep with the jersey (t-shirt material) kind, and really like them.

  2. We just have to make every day count for the good.

  3. HaHa I beat you, nah nah nah...nah nah nah!!!! Actually I cheated Lyn. I have one dresser with the summer stuff and one with the winter stuff! Normally our temps don't get too low and I really don't like wearing long sleeves so it's not a big deal. All the coats are in a closet downstairs. All I really will have to do is bring boots down if need be and there have been winters that we haven't used them at all!
    But I did forget about the AC,DARN!! Even though it's the big outside unit and Jake says it's fine not covered that's what it's made for. Well it's just so new and I don't want to to look all weather worn over the years ya know?
    As for bad years, this has been one of the worse for my whole family. And the divorce drama is still going on. It's ridiculous but try to tell kids in their 30's that.
    I do agree with the Journey saying, always have. But it would be nice to have a GOOD year wouldn't it? Boy I'll tell ya, I wish there were days we could sit and talk!! Love Di ♥

  4. Replies
    1. To say the least! But it seems to be ending well. whew.


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