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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Yup, that is .... or was .... white stuff

Last night we got our first snow. Sorta. I went out to a potluck and one the way home it was snowing very lightly. Pretty, big flakes. By the time I got home it was beginning to stick a little. Before I went to bed, there was a light covering on the ground.

When I woke this morning, there was no snow. NO SNOW!!!  Oh well, easy come, easy go!  There is a little that remained on the big mountain, Sierra Blanca, through today, and it was quite pretty.

And today it has been miserably cold! When you go from low 60s and high 50s to low 30s for the daily high in a single day .... well, it is just shocking to the human system! I've been chilly all day long, even though the temp inside the house is the same as always. Brrr.

I did get out for a while today, but it wasn't in the cold for more than moments. I went into Ruidoso to get a wheelchair at the office to loan to a friend. It is my teacher and mentor in Healing Touch who needs it. She was helping another of our friends set up her booth at the Christmas Jubilee, and she fell off a step stool. She doesn't know how and everyone close by had their backs turned, so it's a mystery. Oh, and she hit her head on a table as she fell, so was "out of it" for a few minutes. She was taken to the ER where she learned she had a broken right ankle (fibula, the smaller bone in the ankle). She couldn't bear weight on her left leg, and an xray showed no bone breaks there, but the whole legs looks like she may have some soft tissue damage. She will see an orthopedic doc tomorrow to have a further diagnosis.

Yesterday and today I went to her house and did some Healing Touch on her. I love being able to help her! Not only is she one of my closest friends, but she has been so fabulous in guiding us through our instruction with HT. She is doing better, but I'm concerned about how she is going to get along for a while. Hopefully, she will heal quickly and whatever is the damage to the left leg will be treatable. the thing is, as many of you know, soft tissue damage takes longer to heal and is often  more painful than the broken bones.

We are supposed to have Thanksgiving at her house! She and her husband both say to still plan to come. Since we will all be adding dishes to what they planned, it really won't be much of a problem, I'm sure. I love these people! Both have such good attitudes.

I'm getting really, really busy with the Healing Touch work. I thought I would probably scrape to come up with 2 a week (to make 100 session over the next year), but I have so many already that I have had to create a waiting list. I have a list of people over 50 names long, all who want to have me do therapy with them! Woo hoo! Now, if half that many stay on as paying paying clients, wouldn't that be awesome?? Meantime, it looks as if I will be able to have more than my necessary 100 sessions in just a few months. That's good; I'll have way over the requirement. So far I'm averaging 3-4 every week.

I love doing this work. I can not tell you how good it feels to see people getting to a better state under my hands. My mentor told me today that my healing is as powerful as any one she has ever had work on her. Wow! She has been in this for over 30 years and has instructed hundreds in this technique. That's an amazing compliment! But greater than that is just watching people's faces after a treatment. Nothing in the world beats that. It is similar to those times when I had the pleasure of seeing a former client in my Social Work practice some time after we ended psychotherapy, and hearing about how much better they are doing. This is nice, because I can see that now! Wow.

It's good to be doing something that I believe in, something that makes people feel better, something that makes me feel good about myself.


  1. A great thing, to have a gift and be able to use it.

    1. I think so, too, Linda. So happy I found out I have it.

  2. It is great that you have learned how to use this therapy to help others. I hope your friend gets better soon.

    1. Thanks, RET. I hope she is well again soon, too. It sounds as if she will have a long recuperation. Won't have MRI results until Friday, to know for sure. She's taking it in stride, seeing this as a message to slow down, do some reading and writing.


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