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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A new year


My daughter, Terri, and the two beautiful grands, Aleksis and Phillip, left this afternoon. They are now in Albuquerque, spending the next few days with her father and step mother before flying home to Florida. I miss them. Already.

We had a great deal of fun while they were here. We did some tourista stuff, shopping and visiting a museum, but we also spent a lot of time at home, just enjoying each other. One day we did some shopping and browsing. Terri picked up a few little goodies to take back to the children in her 1st grade class. I think the little ones will love getting some tiny turquoise fetishes of all kinds of animals. I couldn't believe the grands didn't find something they wanted, but no. Amazing. It wasn't pickiness, it was just that they are realistic about "wants" and "needs." I was prepared to buy them some things, but since they didn't find something, I will buy them some amazon credit, probably for their Kindle reading.

Another day, we went to a local museum, and we saw an interesting exhibit about the history of the Southwest, especially the Native Americans. I enjoyed it a great deal, and I think the kids did, too. I never tire of hearing about the history and culture of my home land. Terri found some more little goodies for her classroom at the museum. This find was small arrowheads in bottles. Probably not authentic, but the children will enjoy them, I'm sure.

Most of the time, we played games at home. I loved it, because I rarely have anyone to play board games with. We played Clue, Pick Up Sticks, Pick up Snakes, Aggravation, but the favorite was Farkle. My own favorite, too. We played more Farkle in these few days than I've had in a year! Every minute of it was fun! We went to the store to buy them a game to take home, but it was closed. I'll pick one up in the next few days and send it to them. Less than $10 for that much fun is well worth it! One of the great things about this game is that it is not all about competition, but has a cooperation element to it also, so it tends to be a more friendly game. I like that. I'm all for anything that removes cut-throat from a game.

I've been plagued with fibromyalgia during their visit. I've had to use a cane much of the time. I have hurt horribly! I suspect part of it is stress, because even though I've enjoyed the visit enormously, there is stress involved with guests, or any change of our schedules, for that matter. Then today, my hip began acting up, too. sighhh. Crappy part of the whole thing. But even so, worth it to have the wonderful time with my precious ones.

I miss them so much already. :(

This morning I had to clear the driveway before they could leave. We had 4-5" New Year's Day and Eve. I had to do it so the driveway wouldn't be packed with a dangerous pack of snow and ice. If she had left without me cleaning it, driving down the drive and packing the snow into ice, I would have had an icy mess to contend with for a week to ten days. I didn't want that! Then after she left, I cleaned the other end of the driveway. I have to go to work tomorrow, so it needed to be done. All together, I cleared about 250' of snow today! Whew. I'm tired!!

I've had my posole and my black-eyed peas. I'm set for another year!  Let's hope it is better than the last one! I had two serious illnesses, a car wreck with whiplash, had to evacuate because of the wildfire, went through four levels of training in Healing Touch, went to my 50th year class reunion, survived an lot of icky situations related to my job, and lost a treasured old friend. I need a happy year! And I think I'm gonna get it!

Happy New Year, y'all!!!1


  1. Happy New Year! I hope you feel better soon. I'm glad you enjoyed your time with your guests, but you are right, it does bring stress!

    That driveway seems like too much. How do you do it???

    1. RET,I usually clear just half of that distance. It is a pull-through on a corner, and under most circumstances, it is only necessary to do the north half, which doesn't melt quickly with less sun it gets. If I drive over it, it packs and becomes slick and dangerous, as it also drops between 20-30 feet in the length of 125 ft. or so. The half that faces east usually melts quickly enough I don't have to do it. However, I did both yesterday, because our cold spell is going to last through the weekend. I wasn't sure it would melt without my help.

      I can't use a snow blower, as the driveway is gravel. It would throw the rocks and be dangerous. I use the leaf blower to take off enough snow to see the darkness of the soil and gravel. If the sun can reach the dark colors, it will quickly melt the remaining snow. If it is really bad, I use ice melt.

      I'm glad I did it. I just looked at the forecast and it has changed. We are getting more snow on Thursday and Friday!

  2. Happy New Year!! I hope you have an amazing 2013!


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