These are random musings of my life journey, the people, animals, places, and events which have woven, and continue to weave, a tapestry that is me. We all know there is no real destination, only the ongoing experiences which blend together, creating the trail. Each step gives a glimpse of what is to come, without allowing me to see the end result. It is exciting. I have a home base that is mine, that gives me a place to rest. This is it. This is where my heart is, no matter where I journey...................

Thursday, June 13, 2013

This makes me smile all over myself!!


  1. Oh my gosh....that is sooo good! That is how all should feel! Sharing on Facebook!!!!

  2. I am so sad! I tried to share this to my Facebook page and it will not work! I love this photo!

  3. I love this photo! Tried to copy for my facebook page and it just will not happen.....

  4. Excellent! OK, I'm gonna get it on FB one way or another!

  5. Nan, I already sent it to you. Nick I'll sent it your way in just a minute/

  6. From Linda:

    Having watched a variety of baby ballerinas in granddaughters' spring
    ballet performances, i could appreciate the little ones'
    tutu-generated joy.

    Loved the photo and the words.
    Blogging at


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