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Monday, July 08, 2013

Back with a blast. Or maybe a flutter. But I'm here

I'll bet you thought I was gone forever from Blogville, didn't you?  Nah, just have been busy and, frankly, out of the mood.

Wildlife  in the 'hood

As I was leaving for work this morning, about 1/4 mile from the house, a doe ran across the road in front of me, followed by a tiny little fawn. They were far enough away that I didn't have to slam on the brakes, but I let off the gas, and I was doing just 15 mph or so. Well, momma walked into an open field, but poor little baby went about 5 feet to the side where there was a fence. I stopped so it could come back toward momma, but, like a good baby, it stopped behind a small tree, semi hidden, and waited. And waited. I pulled to the far side of the road and began to creep ahead. The baby panicked and began butting into the fence! I stopped again, but the frightened waif just keep butting!! Finally, the little squirt squeezed it's tiny body through one of the 4" openings of the mesh fencing and dashed to momma! I believe it was not as tall at the shoulder as my knee, but I was still stunned when it managed to get through that little hole!

It's fun to live where I can see so much of nature on a regular basis. I was talking with a man recently who has suffered a series of strokes, leaving him essentially in a wheel chair. He can move a couple steps, but that is it. He and I were sitting by a big picture window, watching runrunners and other birds in the yard beyond the window. I asked him what he wishes for, and he answered without a hesitation, "To walk like normal people and be out in nature again."

I understood his desire. We had a fabulous view, including a couple deer that wandered among the trees 25-30 feet from the window, but I'd rather be out, sitting under a tree to watch the critters, than sitting behind that window. There is a beautiful wraparound porch on the house, and he spends a lot of time out there. But putting your feet on the ground, walking through the grasses and wildflowers, smelling the juniper, cedars and pines up close .... that just can't be substituted.

I have a young doe who has been visiting here almost every evening, too. She's a pretty thing, and she is completely unafraid of my dogs. She comes right up the fence out back and looks at them with great curiosity. Usually, all five of my 15 pound "bruisers" are out there barking at her, but she just looks at them like "So what's all the ruckus?"

I got these photos last night, but it was nearly too dark to get a good shot.

Isn't she a pretty girl?

Hot, dry, yuck

We had a hot spell that lasted a couple weeks. This area, this elevation, rarely gets over 90°. And when it does get that hot, it doesn't last but a couple days. Also, the usual, normal high is around 85°. But this recent ickiness was between 90° and 95°. ....... blech ....... I was really miserable. Add to that mix that we are in an "extreme" drought. The reports I saw stated this is the worst drought in New Mexico history. There are wildfires in several places around the state, but not near here, thank goodness. We desperately need rain, and we've had a little, but not nearly enough. The added problem is that when it rains, the accompanying lightning makes all of us hold our breaths. Lightning is what started the fire last year. We are very sensitive and concerned. Fortunately, the temperatures are now more normal, mostly low 80s. I'm a lot more comfortable. In fact, today's high was just 79°. Niiiice!

Lifestyle changes

 A while back, about 2-3 months ago, my diet changed. It wasn't by plan, but just that my tastes were different. I was craving almost no meat. A couple times a week, I'd have 2-3 ounces, but I was mostly wanting vegetables and fruits. I've eaten well, and I've not been hungry. I feel better! The other benefit is that I've lost something in the neighborhood of 12-15 pounds. I'm not sure because I rarely weigh. I know roughly what I weighed the last time I was at the doctor's office, so I am using that as my baseline. I'm still in the nearly-vegetarian mode, feeling better and happy! I hope this remains my path. I'd like to lose about 20 or even 30 more. If I continue like this, it will come eventually.

I'm also taking good care of myself in other ways. I'm getting regular massages, which helps with the fibromyalgia. It helps a lot. I'm also getting frequent and regular Healing Touch treatments. Between these to and the dietary tune-up, I'm generally feeling pretty good. This past weekend was an anomaly to that, I think because the weather was damp-ish all weekend long. I had trouble with my leg muscles. All weekend, I struggled to walk, to straighten my legs. I looked like some prehistoric being, walking with my knees bent and slightly stooped over, as you have to be when your legs aren't straight. Other than that, I'm feeling great! Life is good!

I've recently, amost two weeks, started using all natural, homemade body wash, shampoo (or "no-poo," as some call it), and conditioner. My skin is awesome! I can hardly wait to see how it is in another three or four weeks, after my skin begins to adjust and I can see how it is working in the longer term.

I've been using homemade cleaners around the house for a while and I really like them. They clean well, and I'm glad to be away from the abundance of chemicals that are in the commercial products. I'm doing this out of common sense and a desire to keep our world as clean as possible, but it's also because of the fibromyalgia. FMS is often very sensitive to chemicals, and exposure to them can make the symptoms worse. Given that knowledge, why would I not get rid of as many of those from my environment as I can?

One of the things that started me looking into "natural" cleaners, laundry soap, fabric softeners, etc., was when I noticed the fabric softener cup in my washer was always coated with a thick slimy coat of the softener. I washed it out frequently, but it would build up again and again. I started thinking .... if it built up like that in the cup, what was it leaving in my clothes, and perhaps even in the air?  Now I use .... plain white vinegar! There is no build-up in the washer, and it is unbelievably cheaper. And my clothes smell fresh! The list of cleaning components I use is short, but their effect is powerful, and I feel my health is protected.

Now adding the personal care things just makes it that much better! I love this!

OK, time to go, girls and boys.  Y'all take care!


  1. Glad to see you back again! I do not like lightning at the best of times and I'm glad that generally we don't have the anxiety of forest fires too.

    1. Yes, I could live the rest of my life without lightning, too. The only thing is this .... in the natural world, lightning serves a purpose. It starts fires and clears sections of the forest for new growth. I just don't like when it comes as close as it did last year. And therein lies the problem .... we are too close to the forest. :(

  2. Glad your back!!! I've also hit a blogging slump this spring/summer, but do attempt to post occasionally!! Kudos to you for making all those good life style changes.

    1. Thanks, MM! I'm feeling pretty well, for sure, and in another 20 pounds, I should be feeling great!!

  3. Congrats on the weight loss. It's amazing how losing a few pounds can make us feel so much better. I'm interested in the homemade body wash, etc. Are you making it or did you buy it? Details please!! :-) Glad life is good!

    1. Deb, I actually made it. The surprise is that it is very, very simple. And surprising! I had my doubts when my friend told me about it, but I tried it (maybe to prove her wrong? LOL!) and I really love it. If you want the recipes, let me know. I just checked and I don't have your email, so email me at

  4. Your deer is beautiful! We have a mama and two babies in our yard - the babies still have spots. So cute! One of these days I am so going to ask for your recipes. I want to go natural, but am using the lame excuse that I am too busy to make such changes right now. I would be interested in how long it takes to make up the recipes, distribute to containers...etc.

    Glad the weather has cooled down. :)

    1. Dakota, I've made only small batches so far, but each takes literally 5 minutes or less. Let me know when you're ready! There are some other recipes that are very appealing, but are more complex and require things I didn't have on hand. I'm kinda glad I waited and did these instead, because they are less expensive and work like crazy!

  5. From Linda

    Your nature stories and photos were wonderful. I agree about walking up-close-and-personal in the natural world. How I feel for the fellow
    stroke survivor you mentioned. If he had help getting to a "natural" location where he could take those few steps that are within his
    ability, how encouraging that would be for him!

    Such walkabouts for me are dependent on having someone nearby. So getting out in my yard to pick a few fresh veggies is a treat, not the daily occurrence I would like it to be.

    Glad to learn your healing touch involvement continues. I have been so sporadic in my posting and visiting. Your experience with healing touch is one of the continuing life sagas that I think about often.

    This comes with my prayer for the your health and safety and the safety of your area.

    1. His support group does a good job about getting him out as well as possible, and he appreciates that. He is limited to a couple steps before having to sit again, so it is a real challenge. They are looking for a wheel chair with the wider tires so they can get him farther from the porch. I hope they find one that is affordable.

      Thanks, Linda. Your prayer is accepted with deep appreciation.

  6. I agree it is good to be outside in amongst nature, but in Scotland we have to get used to watching from indoors, either the weather or the midges see to that! Every Blessing Freda from Dalamory

    1. Freda, I'm not really an "outdoors" person, per se, but I do enjoy sitting out on the deck and walking in the woods when weather is conducive. I'm really thankful for the generally pleasant weather we have here. I would love to visit your Scotland one day. If I make it, let's meet!


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