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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

The little family

I'm thinking about resurrecting the blog. It's mostly a matter of finding time, energy, and creative juices. I've been busy enough for several years now that I don't know if it will happen, but we will see.

A lot has happened since I last published. My sweet Lolita died. She had cancer and was gone rather quickly once we knew it. I miss her often. Actually, we miss her very much. She was such a lively spirit. She was the active, funny, flirty little sweetie of the gang. When she passed away, Joey especially grieved her. He quit eating and just laid down. I had to feed him special foods and carried him in and out to potty for a couple weeks before he finally began to come out of the funk. Before that, they didn't show a lot of connection, but we humans don't always know, do we?

I added Bella, a Havanese. She is a sweetheart, although she has a "spooky" nature, and even after being with us for over a year, is still a bit skittish. It's OK. She will get there, and in the meantime, she is just a cuddly little love. She doesn't come to me when I call her name (which she came with), but I recently called her Lola by mistake, and she perked up her ears. I'm calling her "LolaBella" and she seems to like that! Who knew?

She was originally from a breeder, but didn't work out in that family. Apparently she never bonded with the  man in the family, so they gave her up. My rescue people in Oklahoma got her, and I brought her home a little over a year ago.
Since my older dogs are....well, older, they play a few minutes, then they want to rest, but LolaBella has a lot of energy and wants to play a lot, so I got a precious little Maltese named Jewel to be her playmate. Oh, she was such a love! I brought her home, and within a couple months, we found that she had congestive heart failure. She was with us just 7 months, to my great sadness. When I say she was such a love, that just begins to describe her. She imprinted on my heart in that short time in a way I can't even describe. She blessed us greatly, as all the dogs seemed to love her.

 LolaBella was lost without her playmate, Jewel, so I brought home our newest family member, Ginger. She is different from the others who are all long haired (Shih Tzu, Havanese, Shih-Poo). She is supposed to be a Yorkie mix, and she is colored like that, but she is as big as my others, around 10 pounds, with shorter, wiry hair. I think the "mix" part might be Jack Russell. Lawdy, does she have energy!! She is bouncy, runs everywhere she goes, and is just a character! She is just just over a year old. She fell right into the family as if she knew she belonged here with us. She and LolaBella are great buds, chasing, wrestling, and being "kids" all the time. She has been a good addition.

Ginger has made herself at home! She has claimed one of the kennels as her private quarters, thank you very much! Would you look at the stash of toys in there with her??

So, now the family consists of................

Joey, our senior citizen at 14 years old. He and Jazi were found wandering the roads of Oklahoma, and he was her protector. He is a love if ever there was one. 

Jazi, the leader of the pack, our Alpha dog at 10 pounds and 10 years. She is really a pistol, but like Joey, showing her age. They both have glaucoma, but when I say "eyes," they line up front and center for the eye drops.

Sammy, the first of these babies to come to my home. Terrified puppy mill survivor who is the
absolutely sweetest little guy in the world. He is now 12.

Max. Oh, does he want to be Alpha, but it is not to be! He was a street dog, a survivor, as proven by escaping the yard when I was out of town and living on his own for a week in a foot of snow. Max is now 10.

LolaBella, little squirrel. She is the shyest, most lovable little 5 year old you'll ever meet. She loves her siblings, she loves to play and she is really glad to have her new sissy, Ginger.

 Ginger, just a year old, has more energy than any dog should have! She is precious. She is smart.  One redirection and she has the rule down.....well, except for eviscerating stuffed toys. I figure it is just an uncontrollable urge to protect the whole family from those little furry monsters, so.....

 So there you go, the update on the family. It's all good. We miss Lolita and Jewel, but they had a good life here with us. I think their spirits live on, still with us. 

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