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Friday, June 23, 2006

A Better Summer Mood

We've had some pretty nasty hot weather recently, but the forecast says it is going to be more bearable, in the 80's for the coming week. Whew. I just don't do well with heat and high humidity as we've had lately, so I am really relieved. Last night I even spent a little time on my deck, just enjoying the mild evening air. I was reminded of a poem I wrote a few years back.

The night is quiet,
unusually so, I think.
I hear no cars
as I step out
into the soft night air.
There are crickets,
lots of crickets,
but their chirping
seems less urgent than I expected.
I hear a few cicadas.
This is the year of the cicadas,
you know.
but I hear just a one here,
one there,
not the deafening drone
that is usual.
And way off in the distance
a dog is barking,
yet I can hardly hear it.
Normally there are several,
yapping back and forth
in their over-the-fence
night time raucous.
This quiet is beautiful.
It’s as soft as the air
and soothing.
Close your eyes with me
and let’s ride the air
far away,

I've felt more energy with the drop in temperature yesterday and today. I've actually been able to get some tasks done so I'm feeling some progress. I took down all the wallpaper in one bathroom so I can paint, and now I'm just antsy to go buy the paint and go to it. Maybe I will get it tomorrow. I plan to seal the tile on the floor early tomorrow, and it would work well to have the paint on hand and ready to start painting Sunday. That would be fun . . . I would actually have one room completely done and ready to go! The other bathroom is close, too. I need to adjust the curtain length, put the sealant on the floor, and then paint the wooden part of the cabinet. I'll probably get to that in the coming week. I hope the current energy level stays high for me. I'd love to be able to steadily get these things done. Wish me luck!

Hope everyone has a good weekend.


  1. Where do you get all your enegry?
    Wish I had some of it!
    Have a great day!

  2. one - Well, you see, it's like this . . . I have a day such as this one, then a couple in which I don't feel like doing anything! Actually (and I'm almost afraid to say this!!) I'm full of energy again today. I don't have many 2-in-a-row energy bursts! I just do when I can and don't when I can't!! ;-) Thanks, and you have a good one, too!

  3. Honey you ought to live down here in the steamy South. Sometimes the humidity is so thick it's honestly hard to breathe! I heart the fall but.... I guess i'm thankful for all the seasons. God made them for a reason. :)

  4. patti - Oh, I know about that thick air of the South. I love Florida, but I couldn't live there year round. Since my body began to protest the humidity with aging, I am house-bound. That's what it hard to take. I know I'm whiney! Since I have no problem with dry heat, that is why I'm headed for NM. I'll winter with my daughter in FL!!


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