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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Guess What's Coming For Dinner

I just finished dinner, and I'm rhapsodizing about it. It isn't a big secret family menu or anything like that. Just a throw-together that really worked.

There is a grocery that I love. It is HyVee. Now, if you live outside the upper Midwest, you would only know about it from visits in our area. Let me tell you . . . I will miss HyVee when I go to NM. HyVee and Quick Trip (QT convenience stores). They don't have either in NM. I guess I'll have to settle for sunshine almost every day to keep me going.

Anyway, I did a little shopping earlier today. I came home with some tilapia filets coated with coconut, mango and papaya. It is a light coating, not overbearing, but a nice combination. While it was baking, I made saffron rice. On one side of the plate I put sliced avocado and on another, sliced kiwi. To the side was a little bowl with a handful of Bing and Queen Anne cherries. This was accompanied by a Little Penguin White Shiraz. Perfecto!!

Oh, my how good this meal was. I’ve been a little bored with meals recently, and this was . . . well, I just wish I could say “yum” in several exotic languages, because it was just that. I'm so contented. I'll bet I sleep well tonight!!

Happy tomorrow, everyone!


  1. It does sound like you had a great dinner. I don't think I could live without QT's. Infact I was craving something sweet tonight and since we don't keep anything like that in the house anymore, we headed up to QT. QT's are the best. Although, when we went camping we would stop in a store that was similiar to QT's, but was called "Bullseye". I really liked them..I think better then QT. Well, hope you have a peaceful nights sleep. I am headed there now thanks to my pain pill.

  2. c - I hope your night was restful. I know you're miserable a lot of the time. I rested well, slept for 11 hours!!

    r - I was really self-responsible about meals when I returned to my home in March. Them a month or 6 weeks ago I got off track with several people here to help with heavy tasks and we tended to eat out or eat fast food. I plan to get back into my better habits like last night. It wasn't hard to fix, obviously!

  3. Ahh how nice to cook a meal just for you. I'm craving blueberries so i'll have to go to my sisters and pick some. She has lots of blueberry bushes!

  4. patti - Ouuu. Blueberries, yum! Have a bowl with a little cream for me, OK?


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