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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Better Day

Well, I'm at least motivated and focused today. However . . . .

I decided that today was the day to put down the vinyl tile that I bought for the small bathroom. It is just 3 feet by 6 feet, and it should have been a fairly fast job.

I began to pull up the "indoor/outdoor" type carpet that has been there since we moved in. It was still in reasonably god shape, but I thought the tile would look nice and fresh and help to sell the house when the time comes. So I donned my work gloves, pried the edge loose, grabbed hold and began pulling. It came up fairly easily because the black foam backing was, of course, brittle and didn't hold. I pulled about half of the 3 foot space loose, and I wanted to see what the condition of the sub-flooring was, hoping desperately that it was not going to need a lot of smoothing before I could lay the tile.

I brushed aside some of the crumbled, hardened foam from the floor, and I was stunned! There was not a sub-floor!! There was . . . CERAMIC TILE!! Wow!!!!!

Now, I ask you . . . who would put that crummy carpet over ceramic tile? Yeah, yeah, I understand stepping out of the shower onto a cold floor, but cripes! Put down a throw rug!!

I got all the carpet up, and I'm working now to get the adhesive and black nastiness off the tile. Most of it is coming up well, but some areas are taking a lot of scraping. The grout lines between the tiles are full of the black backing, and it really looks nasty. Looks like I have a horrible case of black mold going on! It actually comes off fairly easily, but it takes a long time because I have to scrape from 4 directions on every tiny crevasse! Ugh. My hand/wrist is hurting, the almost carpal tunnel syndrome kicking up (It has never been really CTS, but too close for comfort). I'll probably let it rest for the remainder of today and try to finish it up tomorrow. I considered for a weak moment that it might be easier to put the vinyl over the ceramic! But I knew that I'd still have to clean up the tiles, and then there would be the issue of the vinyl needing a smooth surface to adhere to.

Again, I just don't understand why it was the way it was. Just don't get it.

OK, off to my next chore, packing the remaining books in my library. It isn't hard, but I've been putting it off. And putting it off.


  1. Is the tile & grout good enough to keep? I hope so. I love reading your blogs! One of the delightful times in my life right now. I feel as if I am with you!! Thanks for being my momma! I love you!

  2. Hi, baby girl!! Yes, it is in amazingly good shape. I'm not wild about the color, a light tan, but it will be alright, I think. I'm going to try putting a chocolate-colored mat on the floor it will look nice. I'll put a picture here when I finish the walls and everything. I'm removing all the wall coverings and hangings in the next couple days, then I'll paint.

    I'm glad to know you're reading the blog. I'm enjoying it. It is less specific than the travelog is, but more optional for readers. I like that.

    I wish you could be here. I'd love the company . . . and the labor!!! ;-) I love you, and I'm very proud to be your mother. And Kirk's MIL!!!

  3. I wonder if some Goo-Gone will bring that black backing up? I'm always amazed by what nice wood floors and tile floors people used to carpet over. How nice of them to preserve the good floor for us though!

  4. Sandra - thanks for the tip, but it wasn’t that the adhesive was sticky. The adhesive was actually almost dried up, just enough cling to hold a small amount of the black powdered backing. I had a light bulb flash on over my head later yesterday that worked. First I simply wet the floor, let it sit for a while, then took a stiff brush to the whole mess. It came right up! A little elbow grease, but not bad at all. Today I bought some sealer and color restorer. I’m too sore from sitting on the floor yesterday to do it, but tomorrow I hope to finish the job. I can hardly wait to see how it looks with a new finish.

  5. What an awesome find. Might take some work, but what an awesome and inexpensive way to make your bathroom even more valuable. I would call the hardware store to see if there is an easier way to get that stuff out.


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