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Monday, June 19, 2006

Sleep problems, lack of direction, et al

Recently I have had some very strange dreams. I can't remember exactly what they are, but they are disruptive to my sleep. I don't often remember the dreams I have, or even realize that I have dreamed. But these have be weird enough that I remembered them on waking, but not long after that. I can't tell you the content other than to say that they weren't frightening, but stress-filled with things such as people chasing people, hiding out, cars driving fast, etc. I'm trying to figure out if there is something on my mind that is driving the dreams or if it is related to fibromyalgia which has recently kicked up in me. Bottom line is that I've had restless sleep for the past 5-6 nights with one exception . . . while visiting with my son and his family, we went to the zoo and walked a lot. I slept that night long and deep, probably due to being tired from the exercise.

I'm really having a lot of what looks like laziness, but I think it is related to the fibromyalgia. I suppose, too, that it might be from the overwhelmedness of my current life tasks. I just don't have much drive. I feel sorta "disconnected." I find myself getting started on something, then just fading away into a fizzle. For instance, this morning, I got a box and began packing a few kitchen/dining items, got the box almost full, and I looked around for any small items to fill spaces. Next thing I knew I was in a completely different room, doing nothing. Not looking, not thinking about it, just sitting and doing nothing! I hate this.

Well, I think I will go and finish packing the box. Maybe. If I don't get distracted. Or something.


  1. Have you ever read Anne Lamott's "Bird By Bird". It focuses some on writing, but has a great philosophy of taking things one at a time: bird by bird. May be worth checking out.

  2. Hope you get some better sleep. We noticed this morning when we left that your front curtains were still I am hoping you got some better sleep last night.

  3. ragged - Thanks for the tip. I'll check that out.

    caroline - I did sleep in today. I think I was up about 8:30 or 8:45. And I slept better last night, still a few dreams, but not big or bad. I'll get this turned around soon, I think.


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