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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Dogwood & The Pinecones

The dogwood blossoms picture in my previous post has a story. We had a neighbor who took part in Arbor Day Foundation program that will send you trees indigenous to your area for planting to help keep our planet green. They sent him 50 little trees of all kinds, and he couldn't plant them all on his property. He was begging neighbors to take 1 or 2. We didn't have much room but we took a dogwood, and I've never regretted it. Here it is just in front and to our left of a blue spruce.

Now . . . the blue spruce is one that I bought about 28-29 years ago. It was 12-18 inches tall, and I took a lot of kidding about it. I heard things such as, "Do you realize how slow those things grow? You'll be dead before you can see it!" and "It is too little! It won't make it!" But at that time, we had very limited money, and the price of $1.99 made it worthwhile.

Well, now I get to laugh! It is about 45-50 feet tall, I think. The tree behind it is 80-100 feet tall. Most of all, it is a beautiful, healthy tree. It was a welcome addition to our yard. When we moved in the front yard was completely bare except for grass. It is a very big, corner lot, a bit over 1/3 acre, so that was a LOT of grass. Very plain and blah. Over the years we added many things, and now, people drive by and just stare. I've had people stop and tell me how beautiful it is. It's too much for me to keep up with now, sadly.

Now here's one more tree story. Some very dear neighbors were removing 2 evergreens from their back yard. They were about 10-12 feet, as I recall. They had 5 of them that had been planted too close, and they were beginning to choke each other. My husband decided that he would plant these 2 trees in our yard. Over a weekend my husband and our neighbor gathered all the boys we could find around the 'hood, and they dug the trees up with as much root ball as they could salvage. Then they lifted them with the crane on a tow truck, drove across the street and put them in big holes they had dug in our yard. Sadly, we lost one of them a couple years ago, but for 27 years, they did well. Here is a picture of the remaining tree which, by the way, is the one that produced the pine cone pictures from that previous post. It is taller than the spruce, I'm guessing 60 feet.

And just for fun, here are a couple shots of miscellaneous foliage in my front yard.


  1. tixevcbI like your house - it looks like you.

  2. I love your house too and the blue spruce is just beautiful!!!!

  3. anonymous - quitcher lurkin'!! I know who you are! I hate to have to leave this house behind in many ways. It is mine; I love many things about it; but bottom line is that it is also full of memories that I need to leave behind and start again. Besides, it is in the wrong part of the country.I can't wait to "build" my own home, you know, find one that is close and then put my signature on it. Hopefully, you'll come visit some day and see. :-)

    patti - yeah, my little $2 investment was well worth it. And thanks. As I said above,I'm looking forward to making another home my very own. I'll keep the blog as a means of sharing that as time goes on. Stay tuned! It may take me a while!

  4. Your spruce is beautiful! I wish you could at least take the spruce with you when you move...I don't know if you can get them for $2 anymore, but maybe you should start a new one at your new home anyway.

  5. Sandra - what a wonderful suggestion! I just might do that. The only drawback is that New Mexico is is a serious drought, so watering it might be pushing the limits. I will probably be in the Albuquerque area where your square footage of grass is limited. I can probably get away with it for now, and hopefully when the tree is big enough to require a lot of water, the drought will be alleviated.

  6. Archive this now and do hardcopy for your family when and if you grow old!




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