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Monday, June 26, 2006


I forgot I wrote this earlier today and saved it as a draft. I'll go ahead and post it without further comment for now.

I finished the sealing of the cermic tile floors. It wasn't difficult, but just involves a lot of up and down, applying then wiping up excess sealer, waiting, and repeating the whole process. I'm really tired!

This is floor #1, before . . .

. . . and #1, after the sealer. It didn't change much, but it looks warmer, richer.

Floor #2 before was really flat, had no character,

but after the sealer, it looks really good. It's not a color I would ever have picked, but it looks very nice now. I've put a small chocolate bathmat, and it has a rich look.

I took pictures of the 3rd floor, the entry at the front door, but since that tile was 30 years newer, put in just about 12 years ago, the sealer didn't show much difference.


  1. The floors look great. Sorry about the IM last night. Laura was on the computer working and had music from the internet playing and didn't realize you had IM.Again the floors look great.

  2. It really does look good! I just added you to my blogroll so i'll be a regular visitor.

  3. ragged - Thanks. I'm beginning to believe I am woman, hear me roar!

    C - No problem! and thanks.

    Patti - Thanks, and welcome!


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