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Thursday, July 27, 2006

It's Over, It's Over, It's Over!!

Could you hear Roy Orbison singing when you read that title? Huh? You what?! You don't know who Roy Orbison is?!?! OMG, I'm working with children here! Just call me "Internet Grammy"!!

The painting es finis!! It is hard for me to believe that it took them only 2 days to finish up! Of course, part of that is because most of the prep work was already completed by my SIL and brother in May. It looks wonderful! I'll take pictures, but it has to wait a while. I refuse to take pictures with the yard looking like it does. It is horribly neglected. I hope to get out early tomorrow and deal with some of the weeds immediately in front of the house, and that should help greatly.

When they were done, the owner came in and we visited for about an hour before he left. He is a very nice man with whom I was completely comfortable throughout this job. He showed up on time, cleaned up after himself, and was pleasant to talk with. We talked about the challenges when one finds him-or herself single after many years of married life, and interest we each have in hobbies, etc. As we talked, I learned of several interests which he is pursuing in his off time. He is teaching himself to play a keyboard and guitar, and he took up painting (you know, on canvas) on his own. then he said that, to his own surprise, he has sold some paintings, and has a web site. Well, you all have guessed that my computer is never far from me, so he gave me the site name and I went to look.

You should know that I love music and art. I've never been a great fan of certain types of painting. One of them is abstract. So naturally, this is his genre! he gave me the site address and when I opened the site, WOW! I actually like his work! Don't ask me why his and not most others, but I do. His web gallery can be found at: Terry. I was also struck with the fact that another artist whose works I like is one of my high school classmates who sculpts these amazing shapes using cast acrylic. Her works, seen at Enid are also abstract, yet I like them. Then I realized that Terry's painting and Enid's sculpting would make one heck of a paring in some corner of a room. (Do you suppose if I work these words right, they might let me *have* one of each? Nah, me neither. hee hee) I think the thing is not so much that I don't like abstract art, but because many works that I see are, to my eye, not pleasant, seem to have a purpose and aren't soothing. I know I don't like art that makes me uncomfortable (OK, OK. Some art is meant to put the viewer off their comfort zones. I just don't care for it.) It was fun how these things fell together as we talked. And I suppose I should also plug my nephew since we talked about him and visited his on line gallery. Don't want the pesky brother to note that I ignored his kid. (The kid is worthy of note so it is OK.) That site is Doug. Alright, commercial plugs are done.

I'm relieved that this segment of the housework is done. Now if the floor guy would just return my call!! sighhh. Will it ever end???


  1. The house does look great. Love the color of the trim. Can you see the end in sight now?????

  2. Yep! As long as the floor guy doesn't continue to ignore me too much longer!!

  3. ooo...thank you for the art links. i plan on painting some pictures this weekend and it helps to see what other people are doing.

    glad your house is finished. can't wait to see the pictures.

  4. very nice painting that Terry does.... really like his work.

    Glad to hear it is almost done.

    how is the puppy?

  5. m - no prob at all. One of the enjoyable things about blogs is sharing interesting things we run across. Have fun painting!

    silent - Yes, I liked it, obviously to my own surprise. Sweet Margarita is doing alright. She is still recooperating big time. She had a 5" incision; that's big on a little 10 lb(approx) dog. Hopefully, she may be able to come home tomorrow. We're hoping so. Thanks for caring.

  6. dear lynilu,

    you seem like an amazing blogger, i love your writing! if i may say, i connect perfectly, though our age difference is so great (i'm 17). As i explore your blog, i wish i had discovered you earlier!

  7. Yippee! The painting is done! The painting is done! Doing a happy dance for you!

  8. It does seem never-ending but I think the end result will be awesome. Not a fan of abstract art either. I prefer whimsical.
    Glad to hear Margarita is still doing well. Continued puppy prayers!
    Oh and I know who Roy Orbison is, "Crying", "Pretty Woman" !!! He is way cool!

  9. hi, fatty! I've lurked around your blog a few times recently and I'm also reading some from the LLP. both are interesting, and I'll continue. eventually i will comment . . . and then you won't get rid of me! thanks for your support. i enjoy blogging, and i guess it shows!

    traci - yes! i slept sooooo well last night! and thanks for the happy dance! step by step . . .

    patti - my tastes are broad. i have quite a bit of southwestern and native american pieces (now, you didn't see that coming, did you? LOL), and i was pleasantly surprised to find myself drawn to Terry's works, and i since i'd had the same kind of respnse to Enid's work years ago, it made sense to put the two together. Now . . . affording one of each is another think altogether!! thanks for the kindness for little Rita. and yes, roy orbison is way cool. I'm really surprised to find someone your age recognizing that. my kids were exposed to my broad interests in music and learned to appreciate variety and quality. i was delighted when scott left for college after recording several of my Three Dog Night and Rolling Stones albums to take with him, and I think he recorded some classical, as well.

  10. Lynilu thank you for your wonderful comments and thoughts. You are too sweet and kind of a person to be capable of the email I recieved....

    But thank you for your support and wonderful friendship.

  11. silent - I didn't think so, but occasionally one says something off-handedly, perhaps jokingly, that was a trigger for another. Well, know that there are a lot of us who value you to much to just let it slide. I hope you have a good weekend. Peace.

  12. When I was a little girl we listened to Roy Orbison all. the. time. I loved him. Still love him and have since relaced vinyl with CDs of his work. Incredible voice and it brings back such awesome memories.


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