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Monday, July 10, 2006

A quick note. Ali has been folowing me around all day, bringing toys for me to throw. Like a dutiful "owned human" I have thrown them and watched as he attempts to run after it, legs sliding all over the place on the slick floors. Now, before you holler at me for that, he loves the challenge of finding traction as I discovered while traveling. He would go stand at edge of a tiled room in hopes of us throwing it that direction as opposed to the carpeted areas. He was completely delighted when I began ripping up the carpet in this house.

Anyway, a bit ago I sat down to blog, and after a few tosses of the ball, I noticed that he was bringing me a different one every time. He sometimes does this, almost as if he is trying to find the best one or something. When I got up from my chair, I looked down at one of the small dog beds, and here is what I saw:

I've never seem him do this before. Apparently he put each one there after I threw it and got the next ball. I laughed and said, "Oh, Ali, look what you've done!" I guess he thought he was in trouble, 'cause the tail immediately drooped and he stood very still and just looked at me.

So I told him that it's OK, and the tail curled up! After I took this, he picked up a couple other toys and put them in the bed. Do you suppose I could teach him to pick up his toys and put them in their rightful storage place? Probably, but I don't know that I have that kind of patience.

That's my boy!!!


  1. Ali is so cute and has the neatest personality. I always know I can get a good laugh from watching something he has done. Just look at those eyes.

  2. If I didn't know any better I would have thought it was Rita. She is getting pep in her step again and eager to chase the toys. She too loves to have it on the tile. What fun is carpet???? I love you.

  3. for the other readers - "Rita" is short for "Margarita." That is the name of the daughter of my Ali and Mai Lin. Rita owns my daughter "tl," and her family. And she is a duplicate of her father in looks and personality. Both are avid (might I say maniacal?) ball chasers!

    c - the eyes tell all with him, don't they? I can usually tell when he doesn't feel good by his eyes.

    tl - I'm glad to hear she is feeling better. Poor baby. She is having a rough time of it these last months. give her a hug from "grammy"!!! Oh, Mai Tai, too. Can't have jealousy!! ILY2.

  4. Ali is adorable. I once had a red healer who would wake me up every morning by slowly dropping a ball into my hand and then nugging it with her head until I finally gave up and threw it. She would then bring it back and start all over until I finally got up. Much better than an alarm clock.

    I'd offer to pet sit for you sometime but we've learned that isn't a great idea.

  5. Oh he is SO CUTE and SO SMART! I am in awe. Sweet how his tail went down when he thought he was in trouble and up when he knew he wasn't.

  6. He's such a tidy little pup, putting his toys all in one spot.

  7. cameo - he really is. sometimes, he pushes my buttons, tho. still, I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.

    old - I love your dog story! but on pet sitting . . . well, hon, I've been readin gyour blog, and I'd have to say OHMYGAWD, NO!!! ;-) it's bad enough when things go wrong with your own pet, let alone someone else's. once I took care of caroline's pets while she was gone just a day or 2. since we both have a house full, we decided that I'd just go over and let her dogs out several times a day. no problem until one time when I couldn't find one of her dogs. he was under the bed and couldn't get out. he had a leg wrapped up in that cheesecloth material that is on the bottom of boxsprings! poor guy was almost blind so I'm sure he had no idea what was wrong. I finally had to get scissors and cut him free. He was sooo grateful! then I cut the rest of the cloth off so it wouldn't happen again.

    patti - unfortunately, he knows what being in trouble is! I get aggravated because he waits til I'm on the phone; he has learned I'm distracted then. so he brings a toy and I throw it without thinking. like having an automatic pitching machine, I guess! he has been in real trouble a couple times recently for chewing up cardboard boxes when there is a thunderstorm. don't know why he does, and it drives me crazy. It's a good thing I love him!

    ragged - yes. now can we teach him to do this regularly? Heck, NO!!

  8. Now that name 'Ali' has to have a story behind it. My idiot brother used to have a Great Dane breeding farm. Yes, I'm serious. He had bowling balls for them to play with. Yes, I'm serious.
    That is why he is my idiot brother, I guess. But a Great Dane chasing and rolling a bowling ball on a wood floor with its feet and head is kinda funny,,,and destructive.
    I have another brother that is a little smarter. Yet, more boring.


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