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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What's In A Name?

Seven commented that there must be something behind the name of my dog, Ali. And, yes, of course, there is. He also told a rather unusual story about his brother who raised Great Danes and gave them bowling balls to play with. (See comments on previous post) So I've decided to tell the story behind that, and others, name. When I finish, I'll either have delivered a story that is cute and shows my imagination ... OR I'll have proven that I'm as certifiable as seven's brother.

So, here goes . . .

When we got the first Shih Tzu, it was one of the others who still resides in my house. I've called her Mai Lin (pronounced my-lin). Her full name is, grab your rompers, kids, Empress Mai Lin Shu. My late husband named her this because she was regal (Empress), Mai (My-belonging to me), Lin (my 1st name, Lyn), Shu (the beginning of my maiden name). Then a couple years later Mai Lin was bred to a dog named Ali BaBa. Yep, from the Forth Thieves. Except it didn't work. Poor Ali Baba had lost his pizzazz. His owner, however, put us in touch with the owner of one of his sons, and we had success. Mai Lin was to be a mommy.

A few days before Mai Lin's litter was due, an acquaintance suggested that we swap males from our litters. We went to look at the pups, jut 5 weeks old. One little guy just scampered right into our hearts and lives. We decided to bring him home before our puppies were born so Mai Lin could get used to him and hopefully we could avoid rejection. She was a very grumpy prego with her belly almost on the ground, but in a couple days, she began to accept him. In fact, after the puppies were born, she allowed him to be in the pen with them after a few days, and he began to baby sit while she took breaks, He was a wonderful "big brother," even helping to bathe the little ones. But I digress.

His name. Ah, yes, he must have a name every bit as majestic as the Empress. Emperor Ali Zan D'Ewok. Ali was because my husband had really liked the potential sire for our girl. I noted that it was close to the first of the family name and added the Zan (Ali Zan or Alexan), D'Ewok was because of the faces. I would guess that everyone knows how much they look like the Ewoks from Star Wars. So yes, seven there is a story behind it.

If I may ... well, I will anyway, it's my blog!! ... I'm going to add the names of the other dogs in our family. We were on such a roll with these names that we couldn't be stopped. I kept one of the girls from Mai Lin's litter. We call her China or China Doll. Full name is Princess (well, what did you expect?) Ama Wei China Doll. Just say it out loud and you'll hear, "I'm a wee china doll." Her litter mate lives with my daughter and is called Mai Tai, just like the drink. full name is Princess Mai Tai Bei A Wei Lin. Again, say it out loud an phonetically, and you get "Might I be a wee Lin," so named because she looks exactly like her mother. Two years later, Ali sired a litter with Mai Lin. One from that litter also lives with my daughter and is called Rita or Margarita. She looks like a spitting image of Ali and has his personality. Her full name is Princess Mai Tai Bei a Wei Margaritaville, or "might I be a wee margaritaville." No my daughter isn't an alcoholic, she just liked the names. OK, and she was as weird as her mother.

Well, seven, will you ever muse and hint a question of me again? ;-)


  1. I used to love hearing Glenn pronounce Ali's full name. Whenever I would hear him say his full name I knew he was in BIG trouble. It usually was when Ali was standing at the fence having a conversation with Sophie.

  2. Fascinating in a very weird and obsessive way. My bro appears to have no distinct advantage on you! Now go take your meds.

  3. C - Yep! We treat our pets like humans, don't we? When you mom used your whole name, you knew you were in serious trouble!

    seven - yessir! take the meds and off to bed! tomorrow we'll see what's in my head.

    Grooooaaaann. I guess i really need to sleep.;-)

  4. Wow, and I thought WE gave our pets exotic names!! Yoko Ono and Chiquita Banana are nowhere near as flamboyant as Princess Mai Tai Bei a Wei Margaritaville. I'm shamed. :)

    Hey, thank you for stopping by my blog. And for taking the time to read my son's 100 list! You are a sweetheart indeed.

  5. and my boy is poor Reilly Patrick LOL I better not let him read those fancy names he might get a complex ;)

  6. Catherine - No problem! I was attracted to your blog because of its name. The Rio Grande runs thru NM, therefore it runs thru my heart!

    patti - your mention of complex over fancy names made me think of something. when we go outside and Caroline's dog Sophie is out, she always starts barking. I wonder if it might be moniker-envy?!?!?! her name is just plain Sophie. oh, dear. so many problems.

  7. hey now, be nice to sophie. her name means "princess" and we all know she is the princess of our house. actually when she is barking she is laughing at Ali since he hasn't learned to spell hsi name yet. that's the benefits of having a "plain" name like Sophie. :):)

  8. LOL

    caroline - I wondered how long it would be till you answered!!

  9. Rita's name is actually MaiTai B'lost N'Margaritaville (or something similar - I would have to dig out her papers to verify how it all fit together!. We couldn't actually fit princess in the registration, but with a name like that everyone knows who is on top! :) You know, once you have one alcoholic dog. . .you have to let the other enjoy the same privleges!

  10. tl - ya know when I was writing that, I suddenly remembered that we had trouble with the reegistration form, and I thot I was probably wrong, but, hey!

    silent - I'm glad you smiled! I love knowing that I helped someone enjoy a moment.


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