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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sometimes It's Easy, Sometimes It's A Booger

I've been trying off and on all day to write something to post. I guess it just isn't my day. I start OK, then I find myself lost in a lengthy, rambling, and extremely personal dissertation that I'm not ready to put there yet. I have many things on my mind, changes in my life that I'm trying to make adjustments for, and it is throwing me off my pace. When I write it out it seems a bit soppy. Obviously, I still need to mull it over some more before I publish it. I moped a little to a friend in an email, and that helped. So I'll just deal with some small stuff now.

Yesterday I had an appointment for my annual physical. All was well, and I'm waiting to hear about the lab work results. I don't anticipate any problems, nor does my doctor. He is one of the few things/people I will really miss when I leave here. He is the kind of doctor who listens without rushing, truly takes time to talk and explain everything, answers questions. He is quite honest and straight-forward without having a hard edge. He will be very difficult to replace. Who knows, maybe I'll simply come back here once a year for that. I rarely see a doctor outside the annual thing anyway. We'll see.

Our weather for the next few days is going to be unbearable. Temps at or near 100 with heat indexes 115 to 118. Good weekend to stay inside. I mowed the lawn this AM so I could avoid the really hot stuff over these next few days, and before the real heat of today set in. My yard is large, about 1/3 acre, so thank goodness I have a lawn tractor. I still was dripping wet when I got finished. This is one of those things I hate about the Mid West. It is just about impossible to do anything outside in the summer without becoming miserable. At least it gives me no excuse for avoiding my tasks here in the house!

Now, let's hope tomorrow brings a return of my sense of silliness, my ability to find some personal resolution and peace, or some tender memories to post. Something!!


  1. The upper 80's that floida is having doesn't sound so bad now does it!!!!

  2. It is miserable here. While I was mowing this evening I was dripping cause it was so hot. But I knew today (even though it was in the 90's) was going to be the coolest day of the week. I even cut my lawn shorter then normal so I wouldn't have to mow rest of the weekend. I was having a hard time holding onto the handles of the mower because I was sweating so much. Yes, TL, Florida does sound wonderful right about now. At least you're close enough to hop on over to beach if it gets too warm.

    I think I could handle the hot weather better if I was on a lake or something. At least then you get a little bit of a cool breeze.

    I joke w/ people at work that when it gets really hot we look like Meth users. All the shades are drawn and we don't venture out into the light.

    How many days til Fall?

  3. tl - Sun wil be 101/118+HI. No, 80's sound good, but 25% humidity sounds even better!!

    caroline - the count is simply TOO MANY!!!!

  4. it looks like you did a fine job at posting. it doesn't have to be any thing special.thanks for dropping by my blog. it is always nice to get a new visitor.
    My nickname is mrhaney. I am a 61 year old male married to a wonderful woman. We have 4 grown children . We have been married 41 years. I like good honest and caring people. I like to talk with people. I also like old music and old cars. My wife and I live in Atlanta, ga. I met her in 1965 when I was stationed at north island naval air station in san diego. We met at a dance and I proposed to her 2 weeks after. We got married on may 1, 1965. I got out of the navy in 1967 and we went to my home state of Massachusetts for a couple of years. We now live here in Atlanta and we have four grown children who are on their own. We have no pets although I would really like to have a dog, maybe some day. We are both retired now and we do a lot of remodeling on the house we are in now.
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  5. Oh My Goodness....
    just the thought of 100 makes me cringe. LOL

    I have never felt a 100 before....
    but imagine it isn't fun.

  6. Hey just blog and say what you want to say. I ramble alot on mine! LOL
    Ahhh we haven't had too bad temps this year and I hope we won't either. It'll be the 80's this week-end & next week too. High 90's & 100 is un-bearable! I feel for ya'll. :(

  7. mrhaney - Thanks for the kind offer. I enjoyed the blog, especially the story about your daughter and her 10 tools!

    silent - Have you spent your whole life in one climate? Wow! I'll tell you this. The jokes about "...but it's a dry heat," are really true. I'm not necessarily crazy about 100, but without the humidity, it is much more bearable.

    patti - It's odd. I usually have no trouble at all just randomly writing something, either on the blog or otherwise. Somehow, tho, where my emotions were yesterday left me strangely unable to post what I was writing. It felt scrambled. I just moved that to the back burner. It will come when it is ready! As for the weather, I almost hate to complain because we've had such a mild year so far, but damn! This is not fair!!! :-( whine.

  8. FYI while I was in Odessa, even with the 100 degree temps, I could sit outside after the sun goes down and a light breeze made it ok. I also felt so much better, hardly any aches and pains from my fibro. I don't know if it is the high altitude or what. btw is there a way for windows users to have a spell checker option on this site? Spelling is not my gift and misspelled word can be a distraction to readers.-S


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