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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Short post . . .

Margarita's surgery has been postponed until tomorrow. Please keep her in your hearts again.

My deck DOES NOT SMELL!!! hip-hip-hurray!!! I even sat out there for a while and enjoyed the great breeze we are having today.

Replacing the broken globe from my lamp is going to be a real challenge. I thought it was a "collectible," but apparently because of the style and the color (cobalt) it is now identified as "too old" to be found in lamp shops. I doubt it is really an antique, but apparently it is more of a classic than I guessed. Replacements that I've found thus far lack it's grace or character, so I will begin searching antique shops in hope of finding one to take its place. I doubt I'll find cobalt, but I hope to find another with character. I saw one on the internet earlier today that was ruby (which could work) and a different shape. I'm going to try to retrace my steps to take another look at it, too. Wish me luck.

And finally - yesterday's Quote for the Day in the Kansas City Star caught my eye.

"If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere." --Frank A Clark

I find that very encouraging. It means I am certainly headed somewhere great!!!


  1. excellent quote!

    glad to hear your deck smell has gone. hopefully for good

  2. That is a good quote. I noticed you sitting out on your deck. Glad that you are able to enjoy that area again. Will continue the puppy prayers for Rita. Like Sandra, I feel that everything is going to be just fine.

  3. I love the quote and am going to steal it! And it's a major hallelujah moment to sit on the deck and only smell...fresh air! Yippeeee!

  4. silent - I've noticed that occasionally I get a small whiff, but it's gone as quickly as it came. I can live with that!

    caroline - today was the perfect day to sit out for a while, too. I'm feeling good about Rita, also.

    traci - I can't express what a pleasure it was. It's like one of those reminders to appreciate what I have!

    Everyone - feel free to grab the quote. hee hee! I don't own it!! But I really tho't it was very, very refreshing! I like things that remind me to not take myself so seriously, that redirects my focus, that gives me a fresh outlook. Thanks to all for the puppy ponderings!

  5. That is a great quote. Beats my motto of "that which does not kill us makes us stonger". I'll keep Rita in my prayers. You might check E-Bay or Criag's list for the Colbalt globe.

  6. Love the quote. How true, how true.

    Here's to no more foul odors.

  7. I will be praying for Margarita's safety & recovery.
    Glad your desk doesn't smell. :)
    Great quote! Great!

  8. Old - I've looked a little at both, and plan to go back. Thanks for the suggestion, however, 'cause even tho I'm awfully smart (wink, wink), I might not think of everything!

    ragged - Yes, Yay for the good air!!

    patti - Thanks for all! I love that picture! Be careful, however, or people might think you like that kid!! grins

    And to everyone, thanks for the mellow moods for Margarita. I'm waiting to hear and will post when I do. I'm having long email and phone talks with a friend about how we change other's lives. This kind of response is a good example. May all the blessings for our little furby come back to bless each of you many times over.


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