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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Here Is The Rest of The Story . . . The Whole Fam Damnily!!

You’ve met part of my family: The Scott, with attachments, and The Terri, with attachments.

Now it is time to meet the rest of them. Get settled in your chair, because there is whole bunch of these people!

First up is to introduce you to The Three A’s, Allan, Amber and Annette. For clarification, these are my step-children. However, after 32 years, they are mine. Not to take away from the biological mom who is, and always has been involved in their lives. What I’m saying is that I gave birth to 2 children, but I “launched” 5.

I’m sure you can figure out that Allan is in the middle. He is the eldest. Next is Amber, on the right. The baby is Annette, on the left. But keep in mind that when I married their father, only Allan kept his family position as the eldest. Amber who was the middle child, became the oldest girl, and Annette lost her position as Daddy’s baby to become the dreaded “middle child.”

Next is Annette and her husband, Bob. Now, Bob is a keeper. He has survived family drama beyond your greatest imagination and has stayed for 16 years. Anyone that can stick that long is a keeper. Or else he is stuck with us, whatever fits the moment!

These are the collective offspring from Amber and Annette. Top left is Annette’s Sherri, who may be a reincarnation of her mom - - oh, no, scratch that, Annette's still alive; top right is Kristi . . . or Julia, depending on the day(her name is Julia Kristina), who is Amber’s eldest; next row is Stephen (he will be so proud that I remembered that it is not “v” in his name!), Amber’s second child, and who has plans to be the next Einsten (I have him convinced that the Theory of Relativity has to do with us being related!!);

Gregory is in the sexy dark glasses, and he is Annette’s baby (don’t tell him I said that!); on our right from him is his big brother, James, in the attitude hat,; last but not least, is the baby of the bunch, April, Amber’s youngest, and don't let that sweet smile fool you - - she knows everything and will tell you if you push her buttons.

This was taken in 2000, so add 6 years, and you’ve got the gang.

But it doesn’t stop here!!! Oh, no! Thanks to James, Kristi, and Sherri, I have . . . gulp . . . great grandchildren!

This is the sweet Vanessa, James’ daughter.

I’m holding Jacqueline, Kristi’s baby and great grandchild #2. I was privileged to be present at her birth, just a month after we lost my husband.

Finally is Terrance, Sherri’s baby boy, the youngest of the greats.

So, there you have it, the whole story. Don't you think they ALL look like me, even Bob? I'm a strong influence!! Don't mess with the Grammy!! I'll claim you, too!!


  1. What great pictures. I knew about all the grandkids, but it's been so long since I have seen a picture. It's all coming together now. I swear the last picture of Kristie's baby boy looks like Glenn. Am I imagining this? It is a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. Sorry, I meant Sherri's baby.

  3. caroline - OMG!! I hadn't noticed that! Yes, he does look like his great granddad. And his middle name is Glenn's last name, too!

    Sassy - thank you. I like 'em! I think I'll keep 'em!!

  4. They are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing them.

  5. Darling kids (hey I heart James hat, PSU fan here!). Your step children are very lucky to have you. You are a wonderful, inspring woman Lynilu!

  6. Thanks, everyone. Yep, I think I will keep all of them. Sometimes, Bob is the only one who really behaves, so it is easy to keep him . . . the others, well, not so simple. But after this long, sighhh, I might as well accept that they're gonna be here whether I think so or not!! ;-))

  7. Thatpicture was actually from 2002. Not 2000.


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