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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Margarita update

This is just a preliminary report. Terri is doing a substitute job today, and when the vet called, things were crazy busy, and she had trouble getting everything but will have more later.

Surgery is over, and Margarita is resting. They scoped her again prior to surgery, and the stomach ulcers are healing very nicely. No sign of tumors in the stomach. Exploratory surgery revealed a pancreas that looked "ill," so 1/2 of it, or 1 lobe was removed. There was something else that TL didn't understand which the vet said "looked diseased." Both the removed tissues will be biopsied and result back in a week. There were no tumors, just sick tissues, so we're not sure exactly what that means until she or Kirk can talk to the vet again.

Family is not allowed to see her today as they want her to be quiet. Tomorrow will be visit day. Margarita is mad at Daddy. He is the one who took her in. He forgot her ongoing meds, so went back later to drop them off, and she ignored him. Gave kisses to the children but would barely acknowledge him. This is very unusual, as she adores Kirk. Little lady has an attitude, fer sher!

Keep prayers coming, please and thank you. She's doing well but not out of the woods just yet. I'll let you know. Hey, I think Terri should do a blog, don't you? ;-))


  1. Glad to hear that she is doing well after surgery. Looks like all these puppy prayers paid off. Poor Kirk. It's amazing how animals hold grudges. I know Sophie-cat still holds a grudge against me for giving her all those meds when she was sick. I do agree that Terri should do a blog. I would love to hear all her family stories.

  2. i don't have time to blog
    life is crazy right now

  3. TL, didn't I raise you to be a real man!?! Dust it off and belly up to the bar, girl!!



  4. When I took my Jazzy to get "fixed" (as if there was something wrong with her! oh the nerve!), she wouldn't speak to me for days! Damn animals (dog? where's the dog?) think they're people or something! LOL Glad the baby is doing well.

  5. I am glad there weren't any tumors and hope it is nothing else bad. I am praying for the little sweetie. Yes they can hold grudges. I have to laugh when Reilly gets mad at me over something and give me his baleful look. I definitely think TL should blog!

  6. caroline - ooouuu! Did you see that response from TL? I don't think we're goona get that from her! Animals do have long memories, don't they? Don't tell Laura I said this, but Sophie-cat has one of those faces that make me think she is really disdainful that humans don't do everything she wants, anyway. She looks at me like, "What? You? Again? damn."

    traci - I always hate to have to leave them, especially when anesthetic is involved. When they get their teeth cleaned, for example, I go pick them up, and those half asleep eyes look like they are burning a hole in your head!! "Burn, you traitor, burn!"

    patti - thanks again, and you've echoed our prayers. Little Rita has the cutest personality, but she can certainly let you know the, well, not-so-cute part of her, too! But after all, those are just part of who they are and why we love them.
    (shhhh. say it again, and maybe we will wear TL down. just remember that she's my daughter and it too me several months before I caved to Caroline's nudging!)

  7. the extreme weather changes have been causing me to have migraines lately, so i can totally understand.

  8. Any news on how Margarita is doing?


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