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Monday, August 28, 2006

A Couple Things I Coulda Done Without

It began when I read my daughter's (TL) comment on my previous post. She lives in florida, so the word "hurricane" tend to strike fear into my heart. No matter how I "normalize" it, no matter how many "rational" thoughts I put with it, no matter the "logic" that I apply . . . my baby in the path of a hurricane is purely hell!

So I went to the NOAA site since I hadn't checked on the path of Ernesto for a couple days. It didn't help. Not at all. Ernesto is currently projected to enter Florida roughly at the tip, close to the Keys. If this holds true, it will be on land for a short while and exit land just about where she lives. The good news (?????) is that this means it will probably be a tropical storm rather than a hurricane. The bad news is . . . MY BABY GIRL IS THERE!!!!!

Next I called her to whine and moan, and it only got worse. She sounded a little bit "out of it," although her sense of humor is intact. Seems that today she was called out of her classroom by the principal to briefly cover "hurricane procedures." The school hasn't had its official "what to do in case of . . ." inservice, and as a new teacher this year, he just wanted her briefed. Then, back in the classroom, she continued with her activity of cutting paper and managed to get her finger in the path of the blade, slicing off the flesh at the side of one finger!! She and her paraprofessional managed to bandage it, but it continued to bleed, so she was off to the office for a more serious packing. While I was talking with her, she said that she is now medicating herself with wine and painkillers. Works for me! I'm medicating with a margarita at the moment!!! Let me tell you . . . mothers do not need this kind of information, even when the "child" is 36!!


  1. I can imagine. I hate the word "hurricane". Ugh. Sending positive thoughts to TL and all of FLA. Hope it misses us here in SC too!

  2. patti - I haven't look at the NOAA site today, so I don't know for sure. The local weather this AM said that it is now expected to remain a tropical storm or not more than a Level 1, good news in the relative sense. But those are just nasty storms, period. I agree . . . my thoughts with everyone who is in the path of Ernesto.

  3. We'll keep TL and her family in our thoughts the next few days. Watching the news the past few days reminded me why moving to Florida is not such a great idea.

  4. caroline - well, yes, it isn't a great idea. On the other hand, look at what we have here. A good thing about the hurricane is that you have warning, you can plan, whereas tonados are less predictable. But . . . NM has neither!!!!!!!! :-))

    Thanks for the kind thoughts for my girl.

  5. Great! I come to you for hope that I will have a whole new life in about 30 years when they are all grown. Now I hear I'll still be losing sleep over them. Well, at least they can then join me in my nightly glass of wine!

  6. old - giggle!! Sorry I burst that bubble. But I have to say that while I loved their young years and treasure the memories, I completely love my kids as adults. And part of it is, indeed, that nightly glass of wine. Grown kids are amazing, but lplease be patient until they reach about 30!!!


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