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Monday, August 14, 2006

Happy Birthday, Kylee!

For those of you who haven't done so already, please be sure to see the previous post to see how this little lady has grown.

This is a picture of Kylee at approximately 2 years old.

She was playing with Grammy's old jewelry, and she thought she was all that and a bag of chips!!

Happy Birthday, Gorgeous!

For those of you who are wondering:
No, I haven't worn the tiara or matching bracelet since the high school prom.
Yes, I was a princess.
I've passed the title on, thank you very much.


  1. Yay for Princess of all ages!!! She is darling!
    Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

  2. patti - don't tell anyone, but I'm still a princess. I keep it a secret because you know how brutal my blog audience is!

  3. What a cute picture. Lynily, you need to be honest with everyone. I just saw you dancing around the house with that tiara on a few days ago. Come on now.

  4. cqaroline - now you be careful! I've got stories, too!! hee hee hee!

  5. Wow, Grammy has some pretty cool jewelry! She's gonna love you for posting this... well, I would, anyway. :)

  6. caroline - no? try me! heh, heh, heh!! ;-)

    catherine - Hey, that's my class stuff!! Wanna borrow it?! ;-) I haven't heard from her, but I'm sure she loves the picture. What little girl doesn't like to see herself "in print," so to speak? She used to love playing with things like that. And, of course, I loved watching it!


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