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Monday, August 14, 2006

OK, I'm Having A Little Slump

Things aren't bad, but I've certainly hit a bit of a bump.

Scottie came over to work in the yard this weekend, and he got a lot done. When he left, he called me to let me know he was gone, then cautioned me that while working in one of the landscaped berms he saw what he is pretty sure was a copperhead. He wasn't quick enough to kill it. L.O.V.E.L.Y.

Also over the weekend, I was advised by email that someone had attempted to get into my bank account. So I reset the password and security settings. Then today another advisory said the password was reset today. I was able to reset it again, then looked at my accounts and found that someone had removed $950 from one account!!! After spending almost 2 hours on the phone and talking to a half dozen people, it looks as if it is going to be taken care of. And tomorrow, I get to go to the bank, close accounts and open new ones. Of course, it means that I also have to change all the direct deposits, automatic payments, etc., etc., etc. The fraud department was right on it, but they won't know much for at least 48 hours. Meanwhile, the rest of the accounts are protected. For the life of me, I can not figure how someone could manage to do that. I'll talk with them more tomorrow about further security, but until they know exactly what occurred, I don't know what else can be done. I hope it's a one-time occurrence.

Finally, today the floor guy called and might be ready to start working . . . tomorrow! Yeah, another day early!! I sort of panicked until he told me that what he wants to do is not something that will get in the way of my tasks of clearing the rooms. There is some finish work to be done before he starts on the refinishing itself, and he isn't sure how long it will take him so wanted to get on it right away. I suppose that's fine, but with this bank thing going on, I don't know. This definitely is one of those times that it surely help to have another person around the house.

I just keep saying, "It's almost over, it's almost over, it's almost over." I hope I'm right!


  1. It's always scary when something happens with your account and it's an intrusion. Glad it is working out. Sorry you have to go to so much trouble.

  2. From ex law enforcement: Note the date or approximate date of the first criminal transcaton. Work your way backward to remember who has been in your house or if transcations were made by internet. Confirm all checkbooks are in place (extras) Check location of pre-printed deposit slips (Usually in the back of your checkbook. Protect all the same from strangers in your house. Drop all outgoing mail in US Mail containers (Not your own mailbox)
    Carry a loaded 12 guage to town with you and wear a scowl.

  3. It is very scary when stuff like that happens w/ the bank account. I get so nervous sometimes but it's so convenient!
    I hope mr. copperhead is long gone also *shiver*
    It will all be over with soon honey and you will be on to a new chapter in your wonderful life!

  4. ragged - yes, it all that and more. And I don't think the timing could be worse. I'm going out of town, and have sooo much to do to be ready for the floor guy and to leave all at once. sighhh.

    seven - Thanks for the advice, but believe it or not, I do all that. But the theft was on-line, a transfer from my account to another in the same bank. Yesterday and today a few attempts were made to purchase using my check card #, so the bank is backtracking on all recent purchases made by *me* to try to match something with the receving account. I hope they get the sucker. My money has already been provisionally replaced. Would you email me, please? I'd like to ask something about this. Thanks.

    Oh, and when I tried to enter the bank today with the 12 guage, the security guard got really nervous. He said, "Lady, you're not in Texas, you know." Go figure.

    patti - This is my first experience with something like that, and I certainly hope the last. And I hate snakes of any kind, but I can manage in a limited manner with garden snakes. but the copperhead thing really freaked me. Keep thinking that phrase, "it will all be over soon." And read the line at the bottom of my blog!

  5. The online thing happened to my sister, too. Fortunately she happened to check her account he day it happened and it was resolved quickly.

    I hate a package of checkbooks stolen from my mailbox by my neighbor. That was a nightmare.

  6. we are also doing this online banling thing and i bet it wouldn't be to hard to get some ones funds. if you have thier login name and password you could do it. any one can access the banking site. they probably try and guess your login name and password. cerooks find a way to get around a lot of things. after all they do not have to go by any rules like the rest of us do. good luck to you on this.


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