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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Nekkid Laydees!!!

Sometime between yesterday and today, my August Lilies bloomed. Right on time! They have bloomed on the 1st or 2nd of August for many, many years. They haven't been early or late that I can recall. They are such a pleasant surprise in the hottest part of summer when nothing else looks fresh and nice. So I had to run out and snap some photos, of course.

In the spring, they have a full presentation of long, green, blade-like leaves, similar to those of the dafodil, that fill the garden about the end of the daffodils' and tulips' blooming time. The spiky leaves are usually about 2 feet long and very and plentiful, each clump dense with the leaves, so the effect is really pretty. Then after a while, these leaves die back, and it looks as if you have nothing where they were. Almost overnight, a tall stem with some buds will pop up in early August with nothing between the cluster of buds and the ground, just the stem. On a morning like this one, you look out and ... zowie!! ... there they are!! Beautiful pink blooms on top of those long stems, with no leaves on the stems. What you see surrounding these in my photos are other plants, not the lilies.

Now I called these August Lillies, and that is the common name for them. I don't know the correct botanical moniker, and don't particularly care. My father, however, had a different name for them. Because the stem is "naked" of leaves, he called them by another name, "Naked Ladies," or as he would actually say when he was being his usual silly self, "Nekkid Laydees."

Does this mean that I've just posted porn on this blog? OOOOhhhhh nnnnnnooooo!


  1. You need to get some clothes on those nakes ladies. We have young children in the neighborhood.

  2. I tried, Caroline, but the itty-bitty stem shirts and skirts I whipped up)just kept sliding down to the ground. I guess they are Stripper Nekkid Laydees!!!

  3. Oh very pretty!

    Laughing thinking of the hits your going to get on your blog from the term "naked ladies!"

  4. sassy - It's OK if I get some hits! As long as someone doesn't go Mel Gibson on me!! Hey, we have a new slalm phrase!! Oooouuu, that's so bad!!

  5. Venture over to my blog. it appears that ELF is back going off on one of his tirades again. He is pulling a Mel Gibson.

  6. I love surprise lillies. I had them at my old place and they were just that, a surprise. I may have to reconsider some at our place now.

  7. ragged - Oh, I forgot that was another name for them! Thanks! They are wonderful, and they have such a gorgeous scent, too.


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