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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Two Posts Today

GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!

The biopsy is back of our little Margarita and it is negative!! Eeeeee-haaaawwww!

At the moment we are moving from the surgeon and back to the internist for continued care. You do realize these are veterinarian specialists, don't you? And they are terribly expensive if you've not had that experience. When one is as much a part of the family as Rita, you just do it.

It is now suggested that she probably has "inflamed bowel syndrome," apparently a doggie version of Crohn's disease. We will have to hear about treatment from the internist when they can get in to see him/her. It is a great relief that she does not have a terminal disease, however, she is probably in for a lot of treatment and discomfort. So if you don't mind, Terri asks that you keep the prayers going for the baby.

Thanks, everyone. Thanks so very much.


  1. i will do just that, prayers always help.

  2. Good news all around. Glad to hear the biopsy is negative and here's hoping they can take care of her doggy bowel syndrome.

  3. That is wonderful news. Puppy prayers continue

  4. Thanks, everyone. We are counting on the best.


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