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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

PS to Previous Post

Comments on my last post led to human habits of buying "stuff" for our four legged family members. I'll admit that I'm as bad about my Shih Tzus as I was was bout my kids and grandkids. OK, OK, maybe more so!! Anyway, I thought I'd show you what happens in our lives at Chez Lynilu.

OK, here's the truth of the matter. When we have my recliner (it is in storage until we move), this is how the girls and I spend our time. Meanwhile, Ali is usually bringing me toys to throw for him or . . . .

. . . he is sacked out on another chair. Rolled back and relaxed. No cares in the world! Sometimes he used to sit with the girls and me in the recliner, too. WE WANT OUT RECLINER BACK!!

And so you know that Ali isn't the only "rebel" at my house, Mai Lin stomped down and nested on a plastic bag, dropped on the floor after a shopping trip. To answer the question, yes, a cushy bed was available!

Remember that Ali was curled in a basket in the previous post.

Not only do they have a variety of comfortable doggie beds at home. They have all kinds of comforts everywhere we go, including . . . .

I bought them "booster seats" for the car before we left Washington State to head for Florida last November. Why? I wanted them to be able to see out if they wanted to!! They are always secured with safety restraints in my car, and they are here, also, but now they can see out!!

Sigh. I confess. My name is Lynilu, and I have a compulsive need to buy goodies for my four legged babies. There ! Are you happy now???


  1. You remind me of my sister, who used to have Shitzu's but now has 4 Japanese Chins.

    She didn't think my daughters dog had enough toys so she mailed her 50 bux worth.
    Dog lovers of the world unite.

  2. midlifemutant - yeeeee haaaaawwwww! We must pull together!! Geez, we are insane about our pets, aren't we?

  3. I love the pictures. I know you and the girls (China & Mai Lin) miss your recliner. That is the only place they would lay when I would come visit. I love the picutre of Mai Lin in the bag. How in the world did she fit in it? And the picture of them in their car seats. God, it is sooo cute. Ali's expression is like, "are we there yet?"

    YOu're not the only one with a problem. Everytime we go to Walmart I have to check out the pet aisle. Usually we come out of that aisle with no less then $15 of "goodies". I keep saying the animals need to get a part time job.

  4. Caroline - we are such suckers, aren't we? I wouldn't have it any different, however. I love spoiling them.

  5. Sniff, sniff, sniff. . .I am/was so neglected. . . guess who????

    Shouldn't be hard. . love ya bunches.

  6. dear hmmmm? - neglected???? no way!!! you know you're not neglected!!!!

  7. aaawww....
    what sweet little doggie chairs...

    I have never seen them before.
    we learn something new everyday!

  8. silent - Yep! And then we spend our money after we learn!!

  9. I've never seen such content-looking pets before! What cuties you have, Lynilu. And lucky ones, at that.

  10. So cute! I love their little faces. You are such a good pet Mommy!

  11. catherine - giggle! They should be content! Does the term "Pampered Pups" ring true? Yep!!

    patti - Those faces are heart grabbers, for sure! After I saw the first one up close, I was a goner! And there is only a 1-way road!

  12. Seeing well-loved happy dogs makes my day!

  13. sandra - don't you wish they all could be well-loved and happy? I'm just glad I am owned by such sweeties.


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