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Monday, August 07, 2006

Silly Dog!

Sometimes I just don't get it!

I was sitting here watching some evening news (discouraging! Why do I do this?) and Ali decided to make himself comfortable. He crawled into the little wicker basket that I toss mail into, did the usual "doggie stomp" to make everything fit, and curled up on top of my junk. Of course, as he did that, he knocked magazines off the lower shelf of the small table behind the basket.

Now, if you look, you will see that there are two cushy dog cushions right in front of the basket! And 24 inches away, out of the picture, is a traditional dog bed with thick foam for comfort.

Kids!! Whatcha gonna do?!?


  1. What a cute picture. Ali sure does what he wants and doesn't ask permission. At least you only have 3 to keep your eyes on. With 6 in our house you never know what it going to happen.

  2. Caroline - I'll bet that's right. And I'm sure they watch to see when you're distracted and then have one of those wild cat parties! Sophie just blackmails them; she won't tell, if they warn her when she's getting into cat food or the trash can!

  3. That is too cute! I love that the doggy bed is only inches away!

  4. jen - like caroline said, he doesn't ask permission . . . doesn't need to. He owns the house. And me!!

  5. That dog is so cute! I love it when they do silly things like that.

  6. teehee! our dogs (wait, did I just say dogs?), I mean our owners do all kinds of funny stuff like this! my husband will call me at work to tell me something funny about them! it's pretty hysterical around here sometimes! thanks for sharing the sweet picture.

  7. You "kids" do the funnies things!

  8. Every body (and every dog) needs a place to curl up, who are we to judge just where that place is.

  9. Animals are so wierd. Yeah- why DO you watch the news? It's depressing. The only way I can do it is to think of it as some kind of parody on the world...the way the newscasters are so chipper as they discuss war and has to be a joke, right?

  10. They never want what you buy for them (i.e. dog beds,kitty condo etc) my cat will take an empty box over anything else. Reilly will only lay on the couch or his Dad's recliner. He'll get on my bed if the cat opens the door for him.
    That is such a cute pic, Ali is such a little pill I bet!

  11. I finally learned not to buy the little doggie beds and other 'doggie gear'....they really don't get it or care...they just want to be lazy and near you; in that order.

  12. tammy - and they do it on a daily basis! That's why we are so fascinated!

    traci - you are soooo right. I sometimes fool myself into believing I'm in charge. What's with that???

    old - They definitely keep me entertained! Can't imagine life without them.

    ragged - you're right. I just frequently wonder about the why of it.

    jenn - I know. I actually know why I watch. These days I watch for weather so I can plan my tasks, indoor or out. I've had the same tho't about smiling during disaster reports. I think some of them are getting better about appropriate affect, but still . . . Perhaps if they put all the bad news in one block, then the "bad news bears" could watch that and the rest of us could have good new on the rest of the broadcast!! Think??

    You'd think we "smart" humans would catch on to that, wouldn't you? Ilove that you say "In *his* Dad's recliner!! Yep! That's how it is, for sure!

    seven - one day I'll learn that. If I titaled what I've spent on that doggie gear, I'd probably be highly embarrassed! They (and I) will be glad to reach the day when we can take my recliner out of storage and be comfortable as we are supposed to be!!

    Everyone - check the blog again for pictures of the real truth about my dogs.


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