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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday Is For Resting, Right?

I'm in a bit of a funk today. Nothing serious, just the heat and overwork, I think. I had a terribly difficult time getting started this morning, and if I were honest I really haven't done anything yet. My head is fuzzy, my muscles ache, and I'm just, well, in a funk. There's not a better way to say it.

Since my last post, I've been careful. But also busy. On Friday, I cleaned up the mess that I made in the garage. Then I was able to pull out everything to go to the HazMat Recycling Center. I ran out of room to stack it in the garage, so periodically I opened the door and stacked it outside. I figured it would be easier to load it from there, anyway. By the end of the day I had a stack of paint cans and various other items for which I had no idea of the contents. They were labeled, but that doesn't mean that I knew what they were. Now, if I had thought my son had time for me to call him every 10 minutes to have him tell me what it was, I could have had the expert advice of a chemical engineer. Besides, they all had to go, anyway, so why bother him?

The next concern was that I hoped none of the containers would explode in the heat. They didn't. On Saturday my friend brought his pick up and worked on my yard for a while, then we loaded the 4' X 4' X 3' stack of mysterious chemicals into the bed of the truck and set out for our appointment with the HRC. As they unloaded the containers, they, of course, looked at each for the content. No problem till they got to a tiny box that I had only peeked into and placed it in a larger box with other small cans or bottles. The woman started walking with it in her hand, rather than loading it onto a cart like the rest. When she returned, she said that it was a bottle of ether which has crystalized. Highly volatile. Oh my goodness.

By the time they were finished unloading, the total weight of it was approximately 1000 pounds. Good grief!!

Back home Scottie did a little more in the yard, and I hung another storm window. By this time, I'd been in the heat for several hours, and it began to get to me. Scottie didn't look too well, either, so after a big glass of water, I grabbed 2 lemon ices from the freezer, and we sat in the air conditioning while we got our legs back under us. We called it a day.

After a cool shower and several hours of a/c, I got ready to go see cameo's show. She choreographed "Anything Goes" for a local theater group. One of her sons had a part, and was so cute! Quite the little dancer! I enjoyed it tremendously! I was a little concerned about going because it was out of doors, I'd already been overheated earlier in the day, and I worried about whether I could be comfortable. I went armed with a big iced water and a fan. Fortunately there was a slight breeze most of the evening, and I was warm, but not uncomfortable. Driving home a little after 11:00, I noted that the temperature was still 90 degrees. I'm amazed that I wasn't uncomfortable.

I've taken it easy today, and tonight I'm having dinner with a friend who has been out of touch for several years. His children, who have been sort of adopted grandchildren, are in town for a visit. I called to ask if I might see them, and I was invited to dinner. I'm going to enjoy seeing all 3 of them this evening! I've kept contact with the boys' mother, but when she returned to Michigan to be near her family, it hasn't been possible for me to see the boys. I'm really pleased about this reunion.

Tomorrow will be back to the grind. Since the floor refinishing is actually scheduled, my time now is limited. Of course, there is nothing that says I must leave here if I haven't finished
some tasks. But the fact is, the longer I am here, the harder it will be to move on. And I need to do that for myself.

Good week, everyone!


  1. Rest away. I love Sundays because you don't need an excuse to rest. It was meant for resting. You have been busy. And it's not like it's that cool outside. It's hot, humid and downright miserable.

  2. caroline - I noticed today was the first imte the dogs really didn't want to go outside. It was beastly, wasn't it? I did get some rest, even a nap (not nearly long enough,of course), and then had a great dinner and visit with friends. Let's hope for gentler weather tomorrow.

  3. Take it easy! You deserve a break!

  4. It is great to have a day to rest after such a challenging week. It is hard for me to accomplish anything in the humid heat, so I tell my friends "I go inside for July and August, and I will see you in September." I shudder to think about what you have been doing in the heat. We had a brief noisy storm yesterday that we enjoyed, inspite of the unmeasurable rain, and things still cooled off. I am glad you weren't hurt during your garage wrestling match, yea for cell phones and friends.

  5. you are a very busy person indeed. i hope you have fun visiting your friends.

  6. Glad you were on top of things and took good care of yourself. That's scary about the crystalized ether. I know NOTHING about those kinds of things. Mmmm lemon ice....

  7. Old - Thanks! It felt good!

    st - You know, I've always had a choice about doing these things in the past. Currently, I feel no option other than to get it done. There is, of course, an option, and that is to slow down and simply leave here later. In many ways, that is not a reasonable selection at this time. So I do as much as I can without going over the safe limit, and I also make parallel plans ... weather permissable, I do A; not permissable, I do B. and if I am here alone, I opt for plan B early on. I know I can't push it too far if I want to be around for the reunions, the joy of company, the sight of my grandbabies, the experiences with new adventures, and best of all, the hugs and kisses of people whom I love. Great reminders, I think!

    mrhaney - I did enjoy it so much. It was a wonderful evening anddid a lot for us all, I think.

    patti - I smiled at hour comment because the tho't went thru my head that being" on top of things" is sometimes a dangerous place to be! But thanks for the kind encouragement. About the ether ... clearly I didn't know about it either!! If i'd noticed that it was ether, I would have been somewhat alerted, but probably not as much as I should have been. I guess a call to my son, even if I had interrupted his work, might have been a wise thing to do. I simply quit readin labels after 3-4 of them, decided that it all had to go anyway. I'll be more attentive if I ever encounter such a situation again. Lemon ice .... those were my last 2! I gotta go to the store before my next outside venture!!


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