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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

America's Most Wanted

If you read Caroline's blog you know that she broke the law. Now it was a speeding ticket. Just a speeding ticket. But as I sat down to look at the newspaper, I've now realized that she is one of those dastardly citizens causing major grief in our local population. You see, there is a headline in the Local Section that states: TOP CRIME CONCERN: SPEEDING. Soooo. My neighbor, someone I thought to be my honest friend, is part of the perpertrators of Kansas City's TOP CRIME CONCERN!!! Now I'm scared. I'd better start sleeping with a weapon under my pillow. I mean, she knows the code to my security system!!!!! She could come in and use my body as a speed bump at any time!!!

I went to my photo library to find a picture of her so you'll know her face and be aware of her for your own protection. I was totally stunned by what I found. Even in innocent pictures, she has a tendency to hide. Sure sign of guilt. Look here:

And that's not all!! Look here! She's really shifty!!

I won't sleep tonight. I'll lie huddled under my covers, listening, waiting . . .

It's gonna be a long night.


  1. Nice graphics!

    Thanks for the heads up. I would watch for her on the road but she will probably be speeding by so fast, her face will unrecognizable.

  2. m - You're probably right, but We gotta do what we can, ya know!

  3. Look as though I need to defend myself here. A couple things:
    1) Thanks to you everyone now knows that we have not finished painting our dining roon. I know it's been over a year, but damn things just keep coming up. Guess I know what we'll be doing this weekend now.
    2) Not only is the dog upset because she says that is not the best picture of her, but Laura is also upset at me due to the pictures. All innocent victims here.

    I rest my case. :):):)

  4. P.S. One more things..gee, I thought you were my friend.

  5. caroline - Uh, excuse me!! *You* made public your misdeeds, I just ran with the baton!

    *You* pointed out the wallpaper; no one would have noticed.

    *You* . . . oh, no I took the pictures, didn't I? OK, I'll take that one.

    And tell Laura I'll touch up and crop next time!

    PS - And there *will* be a next time!!! I wouldn't bother if you weren't!!! LOL :):):)

  6. you're funny!!!!! i can't believe you're leaving in 16 days!

  7. Is there a reward for her arrest? If so, it seems you know where she is hiding! ;^)
    Ilias- 3DPoetry

  8. You have such a wide range of talent. That is just darn funny!

  9. I don't see any signs of remorse on Caroline's face!
    At least she could fake having a conchanse...err..consuence....errr....dang dang do u spell conscience?

  10. cameo - . . . or would that be silly? I know! It is sooo soon! I'll call you for a little R&R coffee before I leave.

    ilias - Yeah, I do know, but if I turn her in Laura is sure to get me! Reward? I donno. Maybe I should check it out. Might be a good down payment on my home in NM!!

    old lady - What is is they say about that? I think it is, "Jack of all trades, master of few." But I have fun!!

    seven - Nah, no conchunce. She's a really hardened criminal. The stories I could tell!

  11. BWAAHAAAHAAA! You're right it's the quiet innocent ones that always end up on City Confidential or Cold Case Files!! And the neighbors always tell the reporters, "She seemed like such a nice person -- I guess you just never can tell."

  12. You are too funny Lynilu. This made me smile this morning but I do feel sorry for poor Caroline. They are probably going to stick it to her with the ticket. Ugh.

  13. Damn, now I am afraid of myself.

  14. Very dangerous she is. Glad that you are shedding light upon the issue. I will sleep peacefully knowing that we are all armed with this information.

  15. sandra - ain't it the trut? All these years I've known her, and she seemed so mild and reserved.

    patti - shhhh. don't tell her, but I feel bad for her, too. That is an easy thing to do. But out loud, now, we must remember she is who she is . . . KC's most wanted!!

    caroline - Well, good! Ya con't be too careful, I'm telling you. You just might sneak up on yourself and scare yourself! Look out! ;-)

    estelle - That's my purpose, ma'am, keeping the general public informed on the biggest dangers we might face!


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