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Monday, September 18, 2006

Now I've Done It!!

Yes, now I've done it! I'm not sure what "it" is, but I did it!!

This morning I was working on one of the projects, cutting a piece of pegboard to put on one of the unfinished walls of the laundry room. The pegboard was on 2 sawhorses, and as I neared the end of the cut, it began to slide off the horses. I tried to keep it from falling, and in doing so, somehow I put a strain on my right wrist. I think what happened was that when I grabbed the board it twisted and wrenched my wrist. There was a fairly loud "pop" and a sharp pain. I don't think anything is broken. Everything works, but it hurts if I try to pick up anything over a few ounces or make a motion like grasping or squeezing an object. The end of my cut across the board was crooked, too, but I believe that it will be alright.

I managed to stand the board up again on its edge and out of the way. There was no way that I could carry it down the stairs and get it nailed up, however. So I'm kinda stuck. That is my one last big project. It looks like I'm going to have to ask for help with it now. Dang. I've done so well, until now. Having this happen is a pain in the neck. I suppose it is better that it happened now rather than a week or two ago. In the past 2 weeks I been able to get so much done. Well, again, I suppose if it had to happen, now is better than before other projects were done.

I have an appointment tomorrow morning to have the wrist checked. I believe that the pop I heard was probably a tendon snapping across a bone, but in case it is worse, I need it addressed. That wrist was already irritated and weak from too much stress. And before any of you say it . . . I know, I know! I should be careful. Thing is, I was careful. I was wearing my wrist support, but the board slipped and my instinct was to try to keep it from falling. If it broke or dented, I had to go buy another one. So sue me! I was being human.

I'm finding myself very tired again. Physically, I'm aching most of the time. Emotionally, I'm spent. This was evident to me this morning when I sat down to consider my situation and found myself crying. Just slow, sad tears of numbness and frustration. I don't cry often over myself. I've been too guarded about this for too long. Now, I cry over movies, or sad stories I hear, or things not related to me, but not over my own woes. I'm feeling better now, several hours later, but it is relative, because I'm just worn out.

Right now, I'm soothing my injured emotions with chocolate. Dove, rich dark chocolate. It helps!

Here is the good news:

* Scottie came over the weekend and we got tons done! He is keeping some of the large, bulky power tools until I am ready for them since the storage unit is just about as full as we can get it. I have very little to go to storage now, and what is left are all small things, fairly easy to put in the remaining space.

* Tomorrow is the big day. My house is going to sit for portraits with the realtor. And tomorrow is the day for signing the papers for listing the house for sale.

* I have begun packing the kitchen items that I use regularly. The occasionally used ones are packed away now. By this evening, nothing will be visible, sitting out, so the house can be shown. By week's end, it will all be packed and I'll be eating out or carrying in for most meals.

* The bathroom is in the same stage. Everything I use daily is in small tubs so I can get to them, but they can be quickly moved out of sight if someone wants to see the house.

* Scottie has the yard looking awesome!

* I've begun contacting friends and scheduling lunches and dinners to say "So long." Not goodbye, because I will be back.

* I've changed my address for magazines. I've set up my change of address with the post office. I've stopped the paper, notified the phone company and the cable company of my leave date.

Wow, this is real, isn't it? I'm amazed to be at this place and time. My ticker at the top of this blog tells me I have just 11 days before I leave. Hard to believe.

I'm finished feeling sorry for me, so I need to go and do some things that I can do without my right hand. This should be interesting! Please say a prayer or two for me over the coming days. It is going well, but I worry about the unexpected. Like wrenching my right wrist!! Have a good week everyone!


  1. So sorry to hear about your wrist..and that you've been so tired lately. Tomorrow will definitely make your leaving seem more "real" since you sign the papers.
    Good luck tomorrow, and I sure hope your wrist is okay!

  2. jen - At this time, I just want to get this over with. Thanks for your well wishes!

  3. Yes, eat lots and lots of chocolate. Moving is hard work! And you seem to be doing it better than most. I'm so impressed that you managed to type out a post with an injured wrist! Take care of yourself over there. Lots of good thoughts coming your way.

  4. You got to be more careful with power tools.
    You are probably right aboutthe tendon and aI but it has you on your toes at times.
    There is nothing wrong with asking for help we all do at soem point.
    I hope your wrist get better soon

  5. Please take care of you!!! Easy for me to say when there hasn't been a day in the last week that I haven't cried for myself. I'm selfish that way.

    The never ending journey will take you so many places that make you smile. Those shared moments help pick you up out of the corner from crying.

    Take care of you and good luck with the final stages of the move and selling the house. Stressful under normal circumstances and the added stress of your circumstances.

  6. I hope your wrist isn't injured too seriously. Wow, time is sure flying by isn't it? Best of luck to you sweetie!

  7. Sorry to hear about your wrist, but remember that it isn't REALLY a pain in the neck...wrong part of the anatomy. (insert grievous groan here)

    And you know what? It's okay sometimes to succumb to those things we keep buried deep inside. It's okay to let them rise to the surface and spill over. It's cleansing.


  8. catherine - Thanks for the good thoughts. Boy, I'm thinking this is the last move I ever want to make! But then, I've also said I'll never stay any one place again for long enough to accumulate so much to have to deal with. sighhh. There is no clear answer! Just gimme chocolate!!

    walker - I know that about power tools. I just tried to do more than I should without support. I thought I could, but it was more than I realized. A 4X8 sheet of pegboard is heavy, floppy, and awkward! And don't you know that if I ask for help, I have to quit singing "I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar"? ;-) Thanks for your concern.

    old lady - I have no choice how!! I'm going to update about my wrist in a few minutes, and you'll understand. Thanks for the kind thoughts. I'm really excited about the continuing journey. This is just another pothole in the road!

    patti - Thanks! It seems as if I've been working so long at this, and now that it is close, the days are just zooming!

    pat - LOL My nephew emailed me with a similar message. Yes, I do know my anatomy better than that, I just wasn't thinking anatomically when I wrote that! Yeah, I know it is OK to let go. It's just hard for me to do, and when I do, it is because I'm out of strength to fight off the monsters! It's a silly old habit that I hope will mellow. Thanks for your note.

  9. Hi Lynilu. I said a Living Prayer for you and I hope that you're going to continue to feel better and have a wonderful trip and enjoy yourself and have lots of fun.

  10. robert - Thank you for the prayer. I am sure that all will occur as it should in its own time. For now, it is really just an inconvenience more than anything else. And as to the future, I have faith that it will be good. Also, thanks for visiting!


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