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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Opposable Thumbs Are Good

If you have ever doubted it, if you have ever wondered about the importance of it, if you think it's just an anthropological marker, let me assure you that opposable thumbs are very good things!! For all intent and purpose, I have only one opposable thumb, the one on my left hand. I’ve worked all day trying to do some simple tasks, such as install some new vent covers and pound about a dozen nails into some molding to hold it in place. I got it done, but it took all day!! I can’t hold the hammer in my right hand, and I can’t hit the nail with my left one! So I’m finally calling “uncle.” Several little tasks will have to be assigned to someone with two useful hands. I just can’t do it.

I can’t pick up much, either. If it is heavy enough for 2 hands, forget it! I can hold things in my left hand but it doesn’t have good control, either fine or gross motor skills. Earlier I found some bottles of homemade wine stored in the basement. I carried them upstairs which wasn’t a big problem. However, I had a terrible time opening them left handed! I finally managed to get the screw tops open with the help of pliers in the left hand. Interestingly, last night I managed to uncork a bottle of wine left handed, but screw tops were just a different thing altogether. So why did I open multiple bottles of wine, you ask? Well, last night’s wine was to drink. The homemade stuff opened today was to pour out. We made it about 25 years ago, and it might (BIG MIGHT) have been OK for cooking, but not drinking. I poured them out.

Hell’s-bells, I can barely type, let alone handle tools of my own destruction! The splint causes me to hit the space bar when I don’t mean to, so keep backing up to correct it. I can’t use my right thumb to space, so I also have to use some other digit, and then I get my fingers in the wrong place and type gibberish. (Here is what the above sentence looked like before I corrected it: I can’t use muy right nthum b to space, so I also havne to usen some toehr digit,nand then I nget myun fingersnin the wrong nplace a nd type gi bberish,.) More corrections! This is very irritating!

I can’t write. The real estate agent was here earlier to finish up paperwork, and I simply had to take the splint off to sign! BTW, if you’ve sold a house recently, you know about the disclosure form. What a horrendous mess! I want to be accurate, but the way things are worded doesn’t make it easy to be accurate. It’s just a ridiculous form.

Look at this, this, this . . . Thing!! My lower lip is hanging about 2 inches beyond my face in the world’s biggest pout. Pleeeeeeeez feel sorry for me! I’m such a sad little moppet!!

(BTW, it is hard t take a picture of my own hand . . . I don't have a remote control, and the button is on the right!!)


  1. Awwwwww...poor Lynilu. :-) There...better? I am truly impressed with your efforts!

    Nice job.

  2. Any time you mess up your hands it just sucks. I once cut the tip of my right pinky off. I had a huge bandage on my right hand. The Old Man not only had to do all the cooking and cleaning and stuff but he also had to blow-dry my hair every morning. Good thing we didn't have the kids at the time or I am certian his Mother would have had to move in for the week.

    This to shall pass and your journey will continue! I notice we only have 7 days until your departure date (and my departure to the BEACH)!

    Yeah you needed sympathy and that was all about me. Please get well soon and I'll be thinking of you. TAKE CARE OF YOU!

  3. I think you should pretend your immobilizers shoots rays and bullet. Point it at people at the store.


  4. I DO feel sorry for you. Sometimes it's the (not so) "litle" things that are the most inconvenience!

  5. jenn - Thank you. I find that it is getting harder and harder. I need out. 7 days! 1 short week!

    old lady - I'm not sure I *needed* sympathy; I just wanted to whine, and I got that!! And, of course, it is OK to tell your story. It makes know you really get it! Yeah it does suck to be incapacitated like this. Thank goodness it will pass!

    ragged - Ooooohhh, cool idea! Can I make the noises to go along with it????? Yeah!!

    patti - It really is a small thing, but the impact is big. It's almost that ri pple effect . . . a small pebble ends up causing huge rings across the pool. Thanks.

  6. Just pretend that you're the bionic woman.

    You could have a lot of fun with that thing when you're out of the house in public.

    Goose step with it raised in the air.

    Pretend it's a light saber and say in a husky voice "Come to the dark side, Luke."

    Pretend to play lacrosse with it.

    Tell folks you're experimenting in leather and bondage.

    Hey, it could be a real hoot!

  7. pat - It could be a lot of fun! I'll skip the goose step, though. My Gernam grandfather we highly (probably overly) sensitive about being German, especially after WWII, and I guess I internalized that as well. I surel y don't want to be mistaken for a Skinhead Granny!! The others are fair game!!

  8. I am not sure if you should follow Ragged advice about pretending to have a gun. That just might get you kille din our neighborhood. :):) Cute picture of your hand.

  9. caroline - well, you've got a point. Will it be OK if I make noises like from a space flick? You know, like "zing!" & "whoosh! whoosh! whoooooosh!" & "ssssshhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuupppppp!" None of the neighbors have that kind!

  10. Aw, Lynilu, I'm feeling VERY sorry for you. What a pain in the, er... hand/arm.

    LOL at the thought of you making noises like that while waving your arm around! I think some of us would pay good money for a video of it! :)

  11. sassy - LOL. Hey Maybe I need to look into that videotape idea!! That might finance my retirement!!!

  12. Congratulations as things draw to an end and begin anew.. sorry to hear about your thumb. I surely hope that it heals up soon. Have you tried Arnica? I did enjoy decoding and mostly reading the sentence that was pre-corrected. :^) Good luck with your house.
    Ilias 3D

  13. aaawww.....

    I hope your arm feels better soon...

  14. ilias - Thank you. I, too, hope for fast healing. I think that these things happen for a reason. The day I hurt it, I felt that I was being told, "Look, Lyn, you need to get real and get going!!" Yes, I had the date set; yes, I was getting ready to leave. I'm not really sure I'd believed it completely until then. Now I do. Keep the State alive for me just a few more days, OK? I'll be there to help soon!!

    silent - Thank you, it is already better. Not well, but getting there.


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