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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Back To The Keyboard Again

If you're mature enough to remember the song, sing the above title to the tune of "Back In The Saddle Again." If you don't know the song . . . well, just skip to the next paragraph, I guess. The rest of us will catch up when we get through with our impromptu songfest.

Obviously, I took a few days "vacation." I simply spent a day helping Allan to do a thorough cleaning of the house since it hadn't been done since I arrived. Yes, of course, we had cleaned, but not a good deep one. Allan did the outside work and I did a lot to the inside. I helped him move the wood pile closed to the house and cover it to keep it dry, and he did some of the things inside, too. We both worked on scrubbing the floors . . . what a horrible, huge job! I wish he had my hardwood floors! His are laminate, and they are much harder to care for. We were soooo tired before we got everything done. It is nice, however, to have a really clean place.

On Thursday, my very first visitor arrived. My friend since childhood, Gail, arrived to spend a day and a night. I convinced her to stay a second of each, and that gave us time to visit, relax, sight-see, eat (in and out), and whatever else. She is not happy in her present home, and is now thinking about this area as a possibility for relocation. I'm not pressuring her, but if she does move this way, it would be nice to have her close. Since high school, she has never lived closer than around 1000 miles, and for several years, she was in Hawaii. Anyway, we have had a good visit, and she left this morning for home in Southern Colorado. Now that she is gone, I've realized that I didn't take a single picture while she was here, of her, of the two of us, nothing! Now, that's not like me!

BTW, the argument over which mountain range I was shooting on the trip back from Albuquerque was resolved away from this post, and I gleefully advise you that I won!! I had to copy a map, mark the area I was in and my line of vision with the camera, and send it to prove my point, and then got only a grudging admissions that I was right . . . only, of course, because I didn't explain myself well about my location. Men!

I have a couple funny pictures for you. My brave little guy, Ali, got spooked by something the other night while I was doing dishes, and he squeezed himself (and he really had to squeeze) between my legs and the cabinet.

He just stood there shaking for about 5 minutes, and we never did figure out what got him shook up! Silly dog!

China seemed to be wondering, too what was going on. She is so laid back and easy going, one of the happiest dogs I've ever met. Nothing bothers her too much.

So there you have it. Nothing big or exciting, no knock-you-over pictures. Just another boring day at the ranch. Later!

~ ~ ~
PS - I realized today that I have completely negledted the other blog, If Only I Could Find Find My Pen . . . , for over a month, so I posted a new poem today. In case you're intereted.


  1. Oh, poor Ali. He does look like he was scared. I wonder what it was??? Seeing the pictures of Ali and China really make me miss them. We all miss all of you. But it looks like you guys are having a great time and just really enjoying your move there. We will come visit; maybe next spring or summer. I can't wait to see all the places that you have been talking about for so long. Glad you had a good time with Gail. I can't believe YOU didn't take any pictures. Were you just too drunk to remember to take any pictures?? Just kidding. :):)

  2. caroline - LOL, no not drunk! Just so busy yakking that I didn't think of it! Ali is acting less depressed these days, but he still gets "spooked" easily. I hope that when we have our own place with familiar furniture and smells, he will believe that the transition is over. Poor boy.


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