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Saturday, October 28, 2006

It's A Good Life

I have some happy news! I became a great-grandmother again, the fourth time. Little Miss Kaitlyn Rose, 8 lb. 14 oz., 20+" came into our lives yesterday in the early morning. Mom and baby are both doing well. I don't have pictures yet, but hope to have some soon. I was going to post this yesterday, but I forgot to ask how to spell her name, so I waited until I could spell it correctly.

My computer area is located on the North side of the family room, and I have windows all across that wall, as well as across the whole East side. Regardless of the time of day, I have a beautiful view. I can watch the sunrise in the morning, sunsets and refracted lights in the evening, and with the village right down the hill from my work table, I can watch the traffic during the day and it's lights at night. No matter the time of day, I have a view to be envied.

A little over an hour ago I was walking to the computer to do this post. But before I could touch the computer I had to grab the camera and run outside. Get a load of these photos!

This was the view to the North, the pink so vivid that it took my breath away. it looks more pastel here than it did in real life. This is light refracted from the mountains and clouds.

This angle was toward the West-northwest. There was a mixture here of the vivid pastels and some more fiery colors toward the actual sunset.

A little more toward the West, and you can see how vibrant the colors were.

If you click on this, it will be larger, and you'll swear that there is a forest fire in the background!

You need to click on this one, too, and look at the smaller tree. It looks like it is furiously blazing!

A little closer look at the little burning tree. Hey, maybe this is THE burning bush! But I didn't see Moses hanging around, so probably not!

All of the sky to the West was brilliantly flaming, or seemed to be. This glow just

OK, one last shot before the sun is gone. I always hate to see these end.

I'm telling you . . . y'all need to see it for yourselves, in person. You'll never regret it.


  1. How in the world are you a great-Grandmother??? You barely look (or act) like a Grandmother. Congratulations on the new baby and I know you can't wait to meet her. Be sure to post pictures of the new addition when you get them.

    I am constanly amazed at the beautiful colors you get there at sunset. If I lived there I would probably just sit and stare out the window every night.

  2. caroline - I'm just a miracle, don't ya know? Yes, I'll post pictures as soon as she sends them. It may not be until Christmas time, but we'll see. As to the sunsets, I don't expect you can believe it, but the real-life colors are even better. We do just sit and watch a lot. It is nice to go out, walk around the house and see the colors from all angles, but it is getting cool enough that I suspect most of our looking will be done inside soon. Right now, it is already near freezing.(10:00 PM DST). As the title says, life is, indeed, good.

  3. Big congratulations on the new family member. Life is wonderful huh. I also do love the sunsets here in NM. Thanks for your emails and for being you.

  4. ilias - Yeah, life is awesome! I appreciate you comments, and I have to say that although I've tried lots of times to be someone other than me, it doesn't work well. I always come back to being me. As Popeye would say, "I yam who I yam." ;-)

  5. Congratulations Lynilu! That is wonderful news. Babies are such a blessing. I'm with Caroline, you barely look like someone's grandmother!

  6. patti - Thanks, but remember that I have extenuating circumstances for this. The great-grandchildren come to me by way of my 2 step-daughters. When they were born I was just 16 and 17. I became grandmother at 38! A jump-start, if you will!

  7. Congrats on the new additions to the family. My children are so spoilled by their Grandmothers, I can only imagine what a Great Grandmother could do!

    Your photography amazes me!

  8. old lady - Thanks for the well wishes, and I can attest that being grammy or great-grammy is lots more fun than being mommy! Don't get me wrong. I love my kids, but having little to no responsibility for the kids means I can cut loose!! :-)

    The photography . . . hey, it amazes me, too! I'm still learning, but a good camera and great subjects makes it all pretty easy. But thanks, again. I love doing it!


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