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Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm Glad To Be Where I Am

I just read a couple interesting articles regarding safest and least safe cities across the US. Boy, was I surprised about some of them. St. Louis is rated as the #1 least safe city (or on the single list of 371 cities, it was #371, the bottom spot for safety). Kansas City came in at #16. Lee's Summit, MO, which is a suburb of KC is rated at #19 on the most safe list, and Overland Park, Ks, another suburb is ranked #33. Denver is more dangerous than Albuquerque by 14 spaces on the list, which surprised me. Heck, Denver is even worse than Las Vegas, but only by one ranking slot. Dallas was near the bottom of the long list of safe places, sitting in the 338 slot out of 371. And if you're planning a trip to Disneyworld, carry your valuables very close, because Orlando is #25 on the least safe list!

I've probably confused you with the numbers, because I've referred to different lists. One ranks only the top 25 safest and the top 25 most dangerous cities. The other gives the full list of 371 cities starting with safest (#1) and least safe (#371). If you are totally confused or just want to see if your city is on the list go to: FBI List. This list is from safest to least safe, a total of 371 cities. If you just want only the 25 safest and 25 least safe, try this: Wichita Eagle.

All this brings me to thinking more and more that I like where I am. If I want to be unsafe and do some shopping, eating out with great variety, or hear a symphonic orchestra, I can drive about 3 hours to Albuquerque. My biggest danger this morning has been feeding the farrel cat here on the property. Well, it was dangerous because she wound around my legs as I took her food out to her! Yes, Caroline, I am feeding the farrel cat!! sighhh. Or wait, maybe my greater danger was in the possibility of being trampled in the stampede of the herd of deer as they ran from the click of the storm door when I came back into the house! Here is one of the buggers:

There were two adults and a fawn, so I truly was outnumbered and could have been maimed!! This is a mule deer, BTW, for those of you who aren't hunters or haven't been close enough to identify them by sight. Yes, I know, it has a white tail. But see the black tip on the tail? Mule deer.

For those of you who just can't take my word for it (and I know who you are) here is proof:

Apparently they have overcome the stress of strange dog poop in the yard. We hadn't seen them since a few days after my arrival, so it was nice to know they have returned. The one in the picture hung around in the thicket you see just ahead of it in the picture, which is about 30 feet from the house, grazing even after I snapped the screen door.

The weather is wonderful. Nights are freezing or close to, days in the 60s. Yesterday the "kids" and I lolled around outside for over an hour. It was just beautiful.

Just look at that sky! It was in the low 60s, and we were on the South side of the house with a gentle breeze blowing. Perfect blend of cool air and warm sunshine. I had a couple cups of tea while just soaking up the rays. ahhhhhhhhh.

They wanted to stay outside, and I wanted to wander around for some pictures, so I put their retractable leashes on and hung the handles on the wrought iron. They could some and go as they pleased. Ali was really sawing logs! He loved the warmth of the sun on one side and the warm sandstone underneath.

I found some foliage in its autumnal glory with the Sierra Blanca in the background.

After a while, China had enough sun and she moved into the shade of a pine tree in the yard. Neither of them really wanted to come in, so I let them stay while I was in and out of the house. Then I took advantage of their "captive state," and gave them both a good brushing and trimmed their furry little faces and feet. Not their favorite thing, but both were so relaxed, it seemed to matter less than usual!

And now I need to get busy. I have a carload of clothes to take to a thrift shop. I'm weeding out my clothes and getting rid of those which are too big. Yes, I'm continuing to lose weight! I have no idea how much because there isn't a scale in the house, but the clothing all fits differently, and I've finally reached the joyous point of having quite a few that are just wa-a-ay to big! EEEeeeHAAAAWWWWW!

Sadly along with those clothes, I'm taking the baby stroller that is used with Mai Lin when we went for walks. Wish I still had a use for it. I surely do miss her. The vet clinic just called and advised me that her "cremains" are back and can be picked up when I'm ready. Not sure I'll do that today, but probably soon. I drive right past there on the way to a thrift shop, but having two "hits" on my emotions in one day might be too much. I'll play it by ear.

Speaking of the dogs . . . Margarita, daughter of Mai Lin and Ali, is once again in dire straights. She is not eating well, and her weight is falling off rapidly. She has an internal infection and is on antibiotics, but will require surgery to get rid of the source of infection. There are no guarantees that it will restore her health. So TL and her family are struggling once again with a heavy decision. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. They are trying to make the best decision without having much definitive information to help them know what is best, and this is putting a terrible stress into their lives.

Thanks for the support.


  1. You and the whole puppy family are always in our prayers at The Shoe!

    We were also lucky enough to get amazing weather here in the unsafe Dallas area over the weekend. I couldn't get my kiddos inside either.

  2. I knew some ferrel cat would grab your heart somewhere along the way. :) Our cats don't realize that soon they will be taken away to be fixed. I am working with a place to get them all fixed.

    Ali and China look so peaceful laying in the sun. I imagine they are loving the weather there. Reminds me of the times that China would just lay in the grass at the house.

  3. hello lynilu. thanks for dropping by my blog. i like the way walker set it up. it is good to have friends. i still love where you live and it looks like a great place to have a dog. i live in atlanta, ga. and it is to close here and it is not like being out in the country. well have a good one. i shoould be outside working but i have been very lazy lately. talk to you soon. to bad you did not have a microphone it would be nice talking to you on msn or yahoo messenger. i enjoy the calling feature on there. i stay up late and i talk to some people in new zealand at that time.

  4. oh yea. i tried to get my blog on beta but it did not want to accept it. i wonder if blogger will ever get it all straightened out.

  5. old lady - Thanks for the prayers. These are scary times when so many blessings are needed.

    caroline - Yeah, I'm sure you're enjoying this!! We actually thing "Smokey" might have a home because she is in good shape and never has kittens, but she doesn't like being picked up. You can pet her all day long, just don't excede her limits, thank you very much! The dogs are loving it here. Ali tried to go play with Smokey, but she freaked and took off. She came back right away, however, apparently when she realized that he wasn't chasing her.

    mrhaney - I think I have a built in mic, but I've not explored it. Guess I should get out the old manual, huh? And beta blogger is good now. I think they got the kinks worked out. Someone said they were switching folks over a few at a time rather than doing too many at once. My guess is you'll be offered a chance to switch before too long. At least it seems that I can comment on everyone's blogs now whether beta or not. Take care!

  6. Such a great post. lol! I'm in #19 (Cincinnati) and it is dangerous! Great photos!

  7. michael - Thanks! If you didn't know, I just left Kansas City, and I'm so enjoying my new life, new home and new outlook!

  8. You have moved to a beautiful place.

    Your puppies are in my thoughts and prayers.

  9. ragged - Thanks, and thanks.


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