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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mai Lin, One Special Lady

Since I posted yesterday, Mai Lin has been about the same. She is showing clear signs of the liver and kidneys losing function.

Her buddies, Ali and China, are keeping vigil over her. While she sleeps, they often come and rest beside her bed. They seem to know that she is fragile now.

China has been especially attentive of her mother. She stays by her side most of the time. And when she isn't this close, she is only a few feet away, always where she can watch Mai Lin.

Late in the evening last night I knew I couldn't keep her any longer. Ali and China know she is going to be gone soon. I've done everything and then some to try to give her a chance to fight her way back to a reasonably comfortable state of life, but it just isn't working. I don't want her to be in pain, and she is close to that with the continual vomiting of bile from the broken liver.

I called the vet this AM. Tomorrow morning I will take her for a peaceful transition to her next world. I'll be with her to the end. Then her ashes will go with us to our next home.

Coincidentally, tomorrow is the anniversary of Glenn's death. After Mai Lin is at rest, Allan and I will drive to his grave and pay our respects. One thing is good; he will be there to welcome her into the better place. He loved her, probably as much as I do.

But now . . . I want us all to remember her in another way, so I've drug out some pictures of her at happier times. This first one is shortly after we brought her home, and she was about 4 months old here. She is chewing on the grooming brush. Boy, did she hate to be brushed in those first weeks!

This one! Oh what a doll! She was about seven months old and just the cutest little girl on the block! By now, she loved being brushed and "prettied up." Look at that pose!

I made many, many bows and decorative head pieces for them when they (and I!) were younger. Here Mai Lin and China all gussied up for an afternoon stroll in the park. The little hats are attached to barrettes to keep them on the "pony tails." Yeah, I was a bit overboard with those things!

And I have to throw in this one of Cowboy Ali in his red hot Stetson! Isn't he just the dude?

And here is one last look at the Lady at about two years of age. Isn't she just gorgeous? She has been the best of the best. Each one is special, but she kind of set the standard. What a blessing she has been in my life.

Adios, my sweet girl.
Vaya con dios
Rest in God's arms.


  1. I am so sorry Lynilu. Reading your post (while crying) I couldn't help but think of what a special dog Mai Lin is. And on the annivesary of Glenn's death. My heart goes out to you tomorrow. I know it's not going to be a easy day. I send you lots of hugs and will have you and Mai Lin in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. Thank you for sharing your sweet Mai Lin with all of us. She was well loved and she knew that.
    P.S. I just love the pictures of them with their little cowboy hats on.

  2. That is so sad. At least she had a great life with wonderful people.
    And that is so sweet how the other pups stay by her bed.

  3. What a sweet tribute to your loved one. I remember a pet I had named Ralph, a real gem of a plain old tabby cat. He found us from the edge of a cornfield when I was a little boy. He followed us all the way home and became the world's most talkative and loving and oaf-like cat. As all things do, he died, and in the common way for pets these days at the vet. I buried him myself in the backyard wrapped in my favorite T-shirt. I feel your post today and thank you for it.

  4. I'm sitting here crying like a baby. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures. You'll be in my thoughts tomorrow.

  5. oh lynn. this is so reminiscent of what happened when we moved here from texas.
    we had been here 2 months and my dog - the one who traveled cross country with me - died the night before my birthday. it is so hard.
    i'm so sorry.
    i hope you get through everything alright. it's going to be tough. hang in there my friend.
    but before i go, i just have to comment on the splendor of the vigil the other dogs are keeping. that is quite beautiful in the purest sense of the word.
    my best to you all.
    love, cameo

  6. We recently lost our 17 year old female cat, too.

    It really sucks, playing God, but there's that knowledge that putting them to peaceful sleep is an act of love, and that was what got us through it, knowing that we loved her enough to let her go and not keep her alive (and suffering) for our own selfish wants and needs.

    We had her cremated (individually) and bought this really sweet urn done by someone out in Minnesota for her to reside in.

  7. Oh Lynilu. I am so so sorry. You and Mai Lin have both been blessed to have each other. The parting is going to be so hard. I'll be thinking of you with a lump in my throat my sweet friend and your darling dogs too.

  8. It's a tough, tough decision and I feel for you so very much. You are in my thoughts and prayers, as are her buddies.

  9. I didn't read this until tonight honey. I'm so sorry. How loving of you to know when it was time to let her go. Good job. Hard...but good too. I'm sending all my good vibes and positive energy your way tonight. What a tough day for you. (((((Lyn)))))

  10. Everyone, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kind thoughts and comments. Yes, this has been hard, but the anticipation was the worst. Now that she is at peace, the weight is lifted considerably. I miss her, but there is a peace for me, too at this point.

    The other babies, especially Ali, have grieved today, but we've had some good cuddling, and they seem to be mellowing tonight.

    I'm worn out, and headed to bed for some rest. Tomorrow will be a better day, and I have a really fun post almost prepared to change the pace. Again, thank you all so very deeply for your kindness.

  11. So sorry for your loss! It was the second day after my Kos passed to the Rainbow Bridge that was the worse for me. You are in my thoughts and the whole crew from The Shoe sends you a big cyperhug!


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