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Monday, October 16, 2006

Another, Closer Perspective . . .

This perspective is closer to home. You've seen the vistas across the valleys, and reaching to the far mountaintops. Now here is what is in the yard, the things that we stumble across every time we go outside.

This is Purple Sage. Yes, it is different from the standard sage that we crush beneath our feet giving the nice aroma. This has a great scent, also, but just different. What's the difference between this and regular sage? I donno! It just is!

These are Cosmos. They are a common, somewhat old-fashioned garden flower. The nice thing is that they are semi-wild here. It may be that some nice hippie back in the 60s went around scattering seeds and they have managed to reseed. Who knows, but I like that story, sorta like a modern day, peace loving version of Johnny Appleseed.

Just "those little yellow flowers" that grow everywhere. I'm thinking it is in the daisy or aster family.

A Cosmos on the left side, but I was going after the red stuff. And again . . . I donno what it is, just purdy red leaves.

More little yellow flowers, different from those above.

Some cosmos against some of the many flagstones forming retaining walls to keep the water from the road away from the house.

More Cosmos, the house in the background and even my brave little van that made it here under all those dangers!

A closer shot of the Russian Sage. It is a very pretty little flower and a nice, soft scent. We are thinking about bringing some in before it freezes away, so we can enjoy the smell for a while.

OK, I had to cheat and put these long range pictures in, but you'll see why. I was walking around taking shots of the flora and when I rounded the corner of the house, BAM! I was knocked off my feet. Hollered at Allan to come see it, and started snapping.

We ooouuued and aaaahhhhhed for several minutes.

OK, OK, I know it is on a tilt, but concentrate on the rainbow!!

Alright, back to the flora. Just your everyday scrub growth of green stuff. Part of this is, I think, Salt Cedar, and part some sort of pine.

I couldn't help it! Just one more shot!!!

Or two!

Then, I noticed how the clouds were sitting on top of the Capitans. Nice!

Back to the fort, I love this sundial and the natural brush garden. This is just steps out the northeast door, right in front of where I park my car. The dead limb was actually growing there, and when it died, it was just left as is. I like it that way.

You might want to enlarge this one. It is just grass, but I like the detail of the heads that are close to the front. I'm telling you, the grass is thicker than usual, and it is so pretty. Waves in the wind just beautifully.

The "fence row" of trees on the northeast line of the property. These are the ones that were silhouetted in the sunrise pictures from yesterday.

Again, I digress, but as I came around the corner into the front yard, the sun was peeking through the trees in the west, not far from setting. You can see the Sierra Blanca in the distance between trees.

Another of the sun.

And, as long as I was standing there, why not one more closer of the Sierra Blanca? Clouds are covering part of the peaks. Some of the snow from a few days ago has melted, and the rest is covered in the clouds.

The woodpile. That ax is pretty rusty. I think it is just there for effect! Actually, Allan uses a couple hatchets to split them for the fireplace. When we use up the smaller ones, I'll see if he knows how to use that old ax!

Just a little picture of the house. the nice big family room is at the end where you see the fireplace. The kitchen and dining room as just inside the door you see, and the bedrooms are off to the left, behind that tree. Someday, maybe I'll take some snaps of the inside. I really like this house. It is very comfortable and cozy. Not cozy-small, cozy as in feels nice.

Just to prove it's me, this is the pot of Hens and Chicks I brought from Kansas City. The Hens and Chicks started from Glenn's uncle and aunt's home in Alamogordo, now they are back in NM. I left some in the rock in KC, too. Actually, when I opened my purse a few days into my tenure here, there was a Chick inside! I gave it to a cousin who lives in Alamogordo, and she is going to plant it so there will be a full round-trip for them.

China was following me around. I think she like the new place. There is no fence, so they can't just roam the yard unattended like they used to, but they seem to be adjusting.

Lastly, a look at those retaining walls of flagstone.

So that's about it. Well, there could be more pictures because there is an acre here to look at, but this gives you an idea of my immediate world. My perspective.

~ ~ ~
PS - Just a very short note. Mai Lin is going 2 steps forward, 1 back, 1 forward, 2 back. She is, in some ways, stronger, as she gets out of her bed and stretches out on the floor a few steps away from time to time. However, she is still struggling to keep medications and food down. The doc feels that her kidneys and liver are probably giving out. This means, of course, that I will have to make that difficult decision one day soon. As long as she is not in pain, I will keep doing for her what I can. Once there is pain, I can't allow her to suffer. I hold her a lot, talk with her and cuddle her. I want to savor every moment I have left. Remember us both, and the other 2 dogs, too. I know they will miss her as much as I will. My heart aches already.
~ ~ ~


  1. i just love the scenery where you are. i may want to move there. you have some great photos there also. what kind of camera did you have? have you lived in new mexico long? well i will talk with you soon.

  2. mrhaney - I grew up here, moved to Kansas City 32 years ago, and just moved back here 2 weeks ago. Returning home, ahhhhh. The camera is a Cannon PowerShot S21S. It is a great camera, easy to use, lots of features, nearly at the professional level. The only thing it doesn't have that I wish it did is a remote control so you can take pictures with yourself in them. But all in all, it's a keeper.

  3. I do love the scenery as I am a fellow New Mexican. I am a relatively new New Mexican though, just 3 months here. And checking out the flora and landscape is always beautiful and a nice experience. Thanks for sharing your photos and excitement about your new place. And thanks for the thoughtful comments over on my blog. Nice to read your thoughts and responses. Best of luck in your new place.


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