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Sunday, October 15, 2006

From My Perspective . . .

I thought I'd give you a close look at where I live. I remember a few comments about where I was moving being hot and other descriptive terms that just didn't fit. I've already talked about it and had a few pictures, but I thought I'd give you some more definite idea about what I see every day. This will be the first of two posts, mostly pictures, and all that follows was shot from just outside the house. These are the beautiful vistas I look at, live with and love.

This first series is of a sunrise as we left one morning. I'm not always up this early, but when I am, it is more than worth it.

There have been several rainy days since I arrived here, something that has become common this year. These shots were taken on such a day. The clouds are low on the mountains, covering the tops. as you see. This is a small range called the Capitans, which interestingly runs west to east, not north to south as most do.

The village is in the valley between us and the mountain range.

If you look to the left side of the picture, you can see the puddle, and of course, the tire tracks are filled with water from the rain, too.

A picture of the Capitans on a nice, clear day. this is taken from the back of the house, looking north, and as mentioned, the little town is down in the valley where you see one of the roads.

A little closer up and you can see more of the town.

This is taken from the front of the house, looking toward the west side, and it is the mountain I photographed from the casino in a recent post, Sierra Blanca.

We're about 15 miles farther away from it, but we still have a great view.

Now, a sunset over the capitans. Now, remember these are generally north, or north-northwest, so the pastel lights are being refracted from the west.

Be sure to click on this one to enlarge it. It is amazing. I've not retouched the colors at all.

Yesterday we had rain all day, and it continued this AM. Around noon it cleared enough for some sunshine. I noticed weather alerts on TV for severe thunderstorms in nearby counties, and I looked out and saw fearsome clouds and almost black skies to the west.

As I moved around toward the north and east, it began to clear . . .

. . . to an almost clear, beautifully blue sky!

In the southeast, it had just a whisper of cloudiness.

And back again to the west . . .

. . . the storms continued to build.

I just kept walking around the house . . .

. . . finding contrast over and over.

So, my friends, there is an overview of the view I see from my new perch on the crest of this hill. Never fear that it is too hot or too dry or too . . . anything, except too beautiful. I'm going to post some more later tonight or tomorrow. They are a bit different, giving a different perspective. Still my perspective, but with a different twist.


  1. i'm not even going to ask you how long it took to post all those pictures!
    looks as though things are going great there.
    that makes me happy.
    you have a lovely new enviroment.
    and i have a place to crash if i ever find myself in that neck of the woods, no?
    just kidding!
    all good wishes to you!

  2. um, this is cameo!

  3. It reminds me of eastern Nevada where I lived for two years BC (before children)! It's so beautiful...thank you for sharing it.

  4. cameo - Let's just say it to a bit longer to post them than to take them!! Of course, you would be welcome here! No kidding! You had me going for a minute, though. I was trying like heck to figure out who "anonymous" was, inviting him/herself over! LOL when I saw the second note!! Thanks for the wishes. All will be just about perfect when Mai Lin is back on her feet.

    traci - You know the difference between the reality of these beautiful high desert areas and what so many think when they hear terms like "desert southwest." I can't be explained, can it? It must be lived. Thanks for the visit.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing!
    I love a good storm.

  6. Those are great pictures. I had no idea that NM was that lush either. When I think of NM I think of desert and land that is very dry. Thanks for educating us on what NM is really like. We can't wait to come for a visit.

  7. patti - The nice thing about storms here is that they are usually short lived. I have SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, which means that after just a few gloomy days, my emotions begin to sick, lower and lower with each continuing day. One reason KC was not good for me. The storms here have been a couple days, then sunny again, and usually, there is sun between storms, too. It is really interesting!

    caroline - I know that people don't really believe it when I describe this, and the pictures help. There are years, of course, when there is less rain, and it isn't as green or the grass as thick and tall. Never the less, it has it's own beauty, one that I ovbiously love a great deal.

  8. sigh. sigh. sigh.

    Your pictures make me so homesick... in a good way of course. LOVE these, Lyn.

  9. catherine - Good! It's working! Come on back!!! You know, if I'd seen these on another blog, I would have wondered about authenticity, but I'm not good enough to doctor them like this. I'm been so amazed and pleased about the wonderful "welcome home" I've received from mother nature.


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