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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Update on Mai Lin

Mai Lin is slightly better this morning. Last night I gave her the bedtime dose of all meds, and she seemed a bit stronger (fought harder when I tried to get the pills down her throat). Then she drank water on her own! I'd been giving her a teaspoon at a time with a syringe, but she was ready for W.A.T.E.R, thank you very much! I had to stop her so she didn't overload her stomach, and she slept through the night.

This morning, she was stronger, and she hopped (or perhaps, merely climbed) up the one step from the sidewalk to the porch when we came in after the morning potty break. She hasn't been able to make it up the step until now during this ordeal, so this is a marked improvement. And she drank a lot more water this morning, so she is rehydrating herself.

She isn't out of the woods yet, and I'm not being pollyanna about it. She still hasn't eaten but about 1 teaspoon of her special diet food. There is a long way to go. I just feel better to see that she has a little energy, she is restoring her fluids, and she is showing some signs of self-motivation. She hasn't given up. I was afraid she had on Friday and even yesterday.

I'll see how she does today, call the vet with a report tomorrow, and then make decisions. This is one of those times when I just hate facing the responsibility of making decisions. When the time comes, it is going to be very difficult, so I hope she is enough better that she will have a good life until one night when she just drifts away. I think one of the reasons this is particularly onus at this time is because Wednesday is the anniversary of Glenn's death. I’m actually doing well, but losing her at this particular juncture would be like tearing open a wound that is just sealed over. Just too much at once.

More puppy prayers, please. My girl is not in the clear yet.


  1. Thinking of you today my dear.

  2. I put my doggie's pills in a small piece of Vienna Sausage. Works even when she won't eat. Easier than shoving them down the throat.

    I hope she feels much better.

  3. midlifemutant - She won't take anything, nothing at all, by mouth except water, without poking it or liquifying it and squirting it down the throat. I did get her special diet dogfood down by liquifying it like that yesterday, and I hope it will show progress today. Poor girl. She seems a little stronger this AM, but still waaaaaay under the weather. A call to the vet will take place soon.

  4. OMG I am definitely thinking of you today sweetie. Puppy prayer for Mai Lin


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