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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

If you grew up in the Southwest as I did, you'll understand everything at the end of the first paragraph without a question!!

I just got back from a jaunt into Ruidoso. Allan & I bought groceries and other home or person needs. After we left WalMart, we were driving down the main drag, and I happened to glance to our right to see a big ol' sign in a vacant lot. It said:

~ Coming Soon! ~
~ Blake's Lotta Burger ~


The closest one is in Alamogordo, about an hour drive, so not something you'd usually do more than once a month or so. THEY'RE BUILDING ONE HERE!!

OK, OK, sorry, for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of living or traveling through New Mexico or Arizona, I'll explain. I'm sure you have an idea of what I'm going to say. These are the best hamburgers ever! Don't ask me why. They just are. those of us who grew up in the Southwest understand this, without question. Every time we made a trip to visit family here, there were few questions about what we were going to eat . . . (1) Mexican food, and (2) Lotta Burgers! Not necessarily in that order, but we didn't leave the state until we had satiated our appetites for both.

Now if you know about Lotta Burgers, it means that you either lived her at some time or visited and had a good friend who introduced you to Lotta Burgers. Aren't they wonderful?!?!? For a person who eats "right" 90% of the time, I gotta admit that these things are my weakness, so I don't have them often, but if you are close to a Blake's and have the willpower to drive by it more than twice . . . well, there is just something wrong with you. If I'm gonna have "heart attack food" in my life, this is certainly one of the choices!

OK, that's it. I just had to share that news.

I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait!!!!!


  1. I've hinted that you picked the wrong part of the state, Auntie. There's a Blakes about 2 miles from here. Is it considered health food if I walk to and from there?

  2. I haven't even had breakfast yet but that sounds wonderful! Nothing beats a good burger!

  3. s3 - As long as you're still pulling in breath, Lotta Burgers are health food!! Have you had one the NM way, with green chili? yummmmmm. You were small when your family moved to . . . (hee hee) that OTHER state. Did you remember them before you returned?

    old lady - If you ever venture this direction from that OTHER ;-)) state, be sure to try one. I can't explain why they are soo good, but even when I began eating more sensibly, that is the one "sin" food that is irrestible. And burgers aren't necessarily a favorite food of mine, but these particular ones run right up on the top of the list.

  4. I know what you mean, exactly! Glad you are getting a Lotta Burger. Now if we could only get a Krystal Burger here... or White Castle

  5. patti - It is a bummer to not have a favorite food place nearby, isn't it? A drawback to the location I'm considering is that never, no way will I ever have a pizza delivered there! And Pizza is one that you do when your already home, tucked in and cozy. Drat! I think there is a Papa John's, so I'll have to learn to plan ahead before getting cozy.

    I am not familiar with Krystal Burger, so I can't compare it to Lotta Burger. I know White Castle, and there is not even a close race on those 2. Trust me, LB wins, hands down! Dare I say it like this? "I know Lotta Burger, and you, White Castle, are no Lotta Burger." LOL, sorry, that was just bubbling in my head and had to come out!

  6. Okay, I have never heard of Lotta Burgers--but you are making me want one RIGHT now, and it's only 10 a.m.!!! Yumm . . .Enjoy one for me!!

  7. Not familiar with Lotta Burger, but I understand completely. We did the happy dance whenever the building down the street started resembling a castle, a White Castle that is.

  8. Never heard of that place, but boy reading all the comments about White Castle make me want to drive to St.Louis for a White Castle burger. When I was in CA we ate at In-in-Out Burger. Now that is good. I keep hoping we will get one in KC, but it seems that my wishing is doing no good.

  9. Nope! Didn't remember them at all. I'll have to try one this weekend. I'm also going to put you in touch with their marketing department. :)

  10. Let me know when its ready. We will have our bloggers sit down there!

  11. cheryl - No, ma'am! I wouldn't kid about Lotta Burgers! I'll take a picture of one of them this weekend and post it! I'm just wondering where the other Southwesterners are, 'cause I know some of them read this blog. C'mon, guys, help me out here!!

    ragged - I know the happy dance! My husband used to almost twitch when we neared NM on a visit. He often bought one at the first location, and I had to drive after that because he was too happy and relaxed to drive! Not only that, but a few times, stopped as left the state, bought several of them, asking for the lettuce, onion, tomato, etc. on the side; then he put the bun and meat in a cooler to get them home! He used to say a "thawed" Lotta Burger was better than any other fresh one. I wouldn't go that far, but they are good!

    caroline - In-and-Out-Burger is good but I still like LB better.

    s3 - I hope you do try them! I promise they're not made in China!! (sorry, folks, a little personal humor)

    seven - You got a deal!! I wonder how many would show up? Fun idea!

  12. I've never heard of a 'Crystal Burger', but I am a burger lover from way back and would be very open to giving one a try. I can tell you, Lynilu, that I had my fair share of Lotaburgers when living in NM - several times a week in fact! In-and-Out is fabulous too, but a competition between the two seems like an apples and oranges kind of thing.

    Gotta go. I'm salivating.

  13. eileen - Whew! Thanks for coming to my defense. I don't know where all those other Southwesterners or former Southwesterners are! You're right about apples and oranges in comparing LottaBurgers to In-and-Out burgers. Sometimes it boils down to what's available, but LottaBurger craving isn't sated with other burgers; this I know for sure!

  14. A friend tried to post to the blog, but was having trouble with it, so here is what she said by email:

    "My comments were, briefly, that I enjoy a good Lotta
    Burger, but ohmigawd In-n-Out burgers are so

    The reaction you had to the sign was like the reaction
    I had when I saw that Ruidoso has a Scholtsky's. I
    love them! ... and soon to have a Starbuck's.

    I gotta, gotta move there :-)"

    My reply to her is:

    The only concern about Starbucks coming in is that they are notorious for wiping out mom & pop shops that have good coffee. I'll treat you to a cuppa from Buffalo Gal next time you're in town!


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