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Monday, November 13, 2006

A Mixed Bag Of Stuff For The Day

Boy, it windy here!! I left this morning to take the dogs to be groomed, and it was chilly but fairly still. When I went to pick them up around 1:00, the wind had kicked up and the chill in the air whipped right through clothing and it was down right cold! My thermometer in the car said it was in the low 50s, but it felt as if it were in the 20s to me. Geez! I just caught a bit of weather on TV a few minutes ago and there is a “blowing snow” advisory for most of the northern part of the state. That doesn’t affect us, but it is certainly believable, given the strength of winds here. It sounds like this will last through tomorrow. Ooooooo-Kaaaay. That means tomorrow is a “stay in with a cup of hot chocolate” day. I’m good for that!

I’m working on a project that will fit well with the stay-inside routine. I’ve begun scanning family pictures to store on discs. I planned to do this for a long time, but couldn’t find time in my hectic schedule. I wanted to do a slide show of my husband’s life before he died, so we (the children and I) could see it with him and talk to him about it. I thought that would be so nice for the kids, an opportunity to hear about his life from him. But he went much too quickly, so it wasn’t done. I’ve been dragging three big totes full of pictures for over a year. Now, finally I can get it all on CDs for preservation. I’ll make a copy for each of our kids, then the originals will be divided between them. The pictures go back at least 4 generations, and quite a few pictures are back to the 1800s, so preserving them is really important. I even found a few tin-types! I have no idea what I can do with them.

I found an interesting snapshot in the stacks of the like. A picture of my mother-in-law who years ago was involved in politics for a long time here in New Mexico. The snapshot is a small group of people. Standing in the center is MIL with Ted Kennedy. It was apparently during a campaign, but I’m unable to tell much more. There is a notation on the back, but the date reads “1/25/196”, yep, without the last digit, so I just don’t know. Interesting find, however.

I’m still looking at houses, but nothing is measuring up to THE house. And things relating to THE house are progressing . . . slowly, but the process is on-going. With any luck, the tests, clearances and inspections will be done in the next 10 days or so. Then . . . hopefully, I’ll know enough to be sure that I want to make an offer. Boy, this is such a dance, isn’t it? I feel it is the right place, but I can’t let go and really like it until everything is deemed worthy of being liked! I know, I know, it makes all kinds of logical sense, but the mix of heart stuff (like it, love it, gotta have it) with head stuff (is it good, is it safe, is it financeable) isn’t easy to balance at times. Oh, I’ll be fine, but I can’t figure out how to turn down the knob that controls the gauge marked “Impatience.” Keep your fingers crossed for me!


  1. Definitely a stay in with hot cocoa day! Or as Winnie The Pooh would say "A blustery day"!
    Sorry I didn't get here yesterday, my page er, blogger pooped out on me!

  2. What a great idea to scan the photos. I hope you are able to make notations with the images so all will know who and what and when on the photos!

    I really enjoy reading about your journey. You remind me so often that this life is full of so many diffrent phases. I should enjoy the phase I'm in instead of wishing it away!

  3. patti - I noticed your blog was inaccessible yesterday afternoon. Glad you're back with us! I'm still on coffee now, but by noon, I'm switching to cocoa! Again it is breezy and in the upper 40s for now. Brrrr!

    old lady - I'm making notations in my program (iPhoto), but since I've not saved to a CD, then opened from the CD, I don't know if the notations are saved. I surely hope so; I don't want to have to keep all these on my computer forever!! I'd better check that!

    My journey . . . I'm learning so much recently. I was "buried to the eyeballs" for many years, and I'm just learning to live my life in a different way, on a slower road so I can take in the scenery. I so deeply wish I could have been in this state of mind a long time ago. but while I can't change the past, I CAN change how I live from now on. I like my life now. Thanks for your comments.

  4. I love the fact that you're getting all the photos together for your children. You should think about giving them to them for Christmas gifts. That would be so nice!
    (You probably know from my blog that I'm a scrapbooker--so I am SO into preserving the memories!)

  5. cheryl - I have to giggle at your statement about Christmas gifts, because I have with me 3 tubs that are 24X20X18, and in storage I have, I believe 2 more, all full of pictures. This does not include 25 or 30 albums in storage with pictures organized by year! Christmas, yes, but not this one!!

    You see, I have pictures from my late husband's ancestry, my ancestry, our lives before we married, and the 30+ yrs since we married.

    Right now I working on my late husband's ancestry, so I have pictures from his mother's and aunt's collections, and his father's family. Then I will begin on our time together, but I have only part of this latter category with me. The rest of those are in storage, along with my childhood, first marriage, and a lot more in albums from our years together. I grabbed what I could when I left our home in KC last year with the intent of putting together a slide show of his life. Sadly, I didn't get it finished before he passed away. Since then I've been toting these plastic tubs of pictures with me. I will be sooo glad to get into my own home and get settled again!

    And your idea is exactly what I have planned. After scanning the most pertinent of the pictures for keeping and passing along, the tubs will be divided up and given to the 5 children. I'll only keep the most prized ones in the albums. The kids will get them one day . . . still organized, I hope!!

  6. What a wonderful project with the family pictures. I must do that one day too.

    Oh, and when you find that "knob that controls the gauge marked impatience", please let me know!

  7. eileen - Oh, my! I've been looking for the knob for 40 years or so, so there is not much likelihood of finding it is the near future, I'm afraid. I'm doing better in the last couple months, but this house-hunting brings out the best . . . and the worst . . . in me!!!

  8. That's a great project to undertake. I scanned some of my dad that were taken during WWII when he was 19 years old.
    Do you keep the originals organized or are they like everyone's and just stuffed in a box!

  9. seven - The pictures are semi organized. I started the project several years ago, but didn't get far before Glenn became ill and my time was gone. And when I looked for the pictures to take with me to do his life, I just threw everything that I might want into tubs, so I've had to re-sort them. I wish I could have finished it before he passed away, but I'm still going to do his life story for the kids.

    BTW, I have a friend whose pictures are so organized into little neat boxes that I wanted to "accidently" dump a box! I didn't have to do it . . . while I was visiting at his home a few months back, he did it himself!! I'll admit I chuckled, but I helped him pick them up.:-))

  10. Just as yours are for my possible new job...all our fingers and toes are crossed here for you.

  11. caroline - Thanks!! But I have to tell you the mental image of all your fingers and toes crossed is gigglesome!! You guys must look pretty silly right now!!!


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