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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Something New

I've added something new, and as soon as you signed on, you noticed it. Well, if you have your speakers on you did. I'm hoping to be creative and thoughtful enough to change it to fit the posts as I go, but I picked something nice and relaxing to play until I get used to the process.

There isn't much new to blog about at this moment, but I'm headed out today to mosey around and learn more of the territory. For one thing, there is a small lake I've wanted to see. I've heard it is a beautiful spot, and it is very close the the house I'm considering. You know I'll be taking the camera with me.

While I'm out I am going to drive by some other places that are possibilities for me to purchase. I'm not giving up on THE HOUSE yet. I'm simply checking out all the possibilities, making sure I've found the right place, and covering the bases in case something doesn't check out well where my eyes are focused at the moment.

Before I go I will give you a bit more about the place. It is on the side of a hill, hence the beautiful views in the previous post. There is a bit of elbow room as it sits on just under 3/4 acre and the lot is situated so that, even if someone builds in adjacent lots, I'll be protected from seeing or hearing much. It is a corner lot with a nice buffer of its own at the back to insulate from "sprawl." Not that sprawl is an issue. Many people don't like to be 2.5 miles from pavement on a gravel road, and most of the properties in the area are from 1 acre up. People who move out there aren't looking to lean out the window and talk with Auntie Lynilu on her big deck.

The property is natural landscaping with some small exceptions close to the house. Even those sections that are lightly landscaped are not things that will take a lot of time to keep up. I would add a little bit more, but not so much to take a lot of work. Remember that I want to travel, so the less upkeep the better.

The house is a bit smaller than I'd hoped for ( I had about 1400-1500 square feet in mind, and it is around 1250), and I was concerned about this at first. However, after considering the other amenities, I've come to peace with the fact that I need to downsize anyway. I stored many things last year without forethought due to my urgency to clear the path to being able to leave KC with Glenn and spend quiet time with him at the end of his life. I'll have one helluva garage sale.

The house isn't really too small for me, just smaller than I've had in a long time, but I don't want a big place that takes a lot of care. Over the past few days, my mental adjustment has been a positive one. I've been saying that I want a "nest to come home to" after traveling. So this works for me in many ways. Isn't it funny how we say something such as that, then we are surprised and taken aback when we get what we ask for! I've said it before . . . be sure you realize what you ask for, because you just might get it. This time it is a blessing, I think.

Now . . . I'm off to the shower, grab some breakfast and then out so see the world! Tootles!

~ ~ ~

PS posted 11/12@7:10 PM - OK I updated the music. This seems to fit with my mood, the step of the journey I'm on, and the tone of the blog.


  1. As far as square footage goes, I think it all depends on what use the places makes of the space. If there are lots of cabinets, and good-sized closets, you may not miss that extra footage. Less to clean!!

  2. sandra - You're right about that. I'm already planning to talk with a contractor about some creative cabinetry. The storage space is OK, but not great, and I've already thought about how to remedy it. I have no doubt that it can be resolved. And, yeah, that cleaning issue . . . 1250 sounds much better that 1500 in that category!

  3. Love the song! Just makes me tap my toes and feel happy!!

  4. cheryl - That's what I thought, too! Fun!

  5. See you are having fun with that new tool Lyn...
    Nice to feel your mood through your choices...
    Keep dancing...

  6. I like the add of music. Very creative and techie of you too ;-)

    I've always loved the line about being careful with what you ask for...etc., because it's so true. My feeling is that we've always gotten what we asked for (both consciously and unconsciously), but time seems to be speeding up lately and bringing it into manifestation way more quickly than we expect!

  7. patrice - Yes, I am certainly having fun! I plan to enjoy every moment of my life as fully as I can, and dancing is certainly on the list of "Things To Do"!!

    eileen - I do like gadgets! My son-in-law has bragged about having a techie mom-in-law!

    I agree with you on the asking . . . I believe if we use our requests wisely, we can live a wonderful, full life. I'm a novice in this area, but eagerly listening, learning and exercising my energies as wisely as I can. I’m coming into what I believe just may be the best time of my life, and I’m loving my peace of mind. Thanks for visiting.

  8. Love the music!!!! Love the photographs! Love the insight you always seem to have!

  9. old lady - Thanks! I'm having a ton of fun with all this technology!


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