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Friday, November 10, 2006

Saw The House Today . . .

Looked at the house. I'm not going to say much more for now. That's not a bad sign, just that I am trying to be calm and not jump ahead of myself until certain details are checked out. I'm going to hold off on saying much until the word is in. I'll tell you this much . . . The house faces East. On the front of the house is a marvelous deck. It is about 10-12 feet wide, and . . . get this . . . 80 feet long!!!! I will share some pictures of the view for your enjoyment, taken, of course, from that lovely deck.

This first picture has an arrow pointing to a mountain top that you may have noticed in some of the pictures taken from Allan's house, where I am staying now. You are looking at the opposite side of the mountain. Yep, that funny little semi-flat topped mountain is apparently directly between his house and my "maybe" house. Oh, Allan says that is Nogal Peak.

The mountains in the background are the Capitans, the ones I've photographed so many times.

Gosh, I wish there were ways to hurry up the process of learning all you need to know about a house before you jump in. Boy, do I ever wish!


  1. hehe i am thinking the process of learning about a house is probably a good one to stick to rather than skip over though!

    nevertheless, good luck and i hope it is THE ONE.

  2. fatty - You are absolutely right! But . . . but . . . but . . .

  3. I feel you are wise, Lynilu, to take your time. Allow it to come to you.

    Oh those pics are so beautiful! Thank you for posting them. What a treat for me :-)

  4. I should have thought to check your blog sooner. I've been wondering what you thought of it. Sounds promising and I'll hold my breath along with you.

  5. eileen - Although my nature is to push ahead, I've learned to become more patient. It usually pays off. I'm glad you're enjoying the pics. I'm loving taking them. And you're welcome to "come home" at any time, you know!! :-)

    in limbo - OK, I appreciate the company as my face turns blue! Who are you??????

  6. Ah, wait, "in limbo" . . . could this be my friend for more decades than either of us wish to acknowledge? I 'spect so, 'cause I know that person is "limboing" a lot recently.

  7. Fingers crossed that what should work out will work out.

  8. ragged - Thanks! I'm sure it will if it is the right place. I already passed up another that had an even more spectaculaqr view because of some shortcomings, so I'll prepared (I think!) if this one does not check out with all the inspections, etc. I'm learning to be more at peace with what will be.


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