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Sunday, December 03, 2006

So Goes My Weekend

I thought I'd share a couple more pictures of the snow from the other day.

This was the next day. The snow had melted with the sun, but it remained below freezing so, it formed icicles everywhere. The car is facing South, so I got a lot of sun.

And on the chiminea . . .

The top of the chiminea . . .
(I wasn't tipsy when I took this . . . the yard is uphill to the street!)

I just wanted to share that. I thought the icicles were cool.

Then we trimmed the tree. Allan handed me an ornament to put on myself, and I found it was a Looney Tunes Christmas ornament that I gave him ten years ago. On the bottom I printed the year and my name. There is another one from his dad which he hung, too. Sentimental moment for us both.

Here is the tree fully decorated.

And without the flash, it is even more beautiful.

Yesterday was a special day in Ruidoso. Each year they have an event called "The Festival of the Lights." In the parking lot of Allan's office were artisans and crafts-people showing and selling their wares, and hot dogs and sausages on a stick were available from a vendor. Allan's company served hot cider to everyone and had candy canes for the kids.l And, of course, a Santa was present with a bag of candy for the kids after they sat on his knee for the traditional wish list imparting. This is the first time for all this with Allan's company as they are new in town, so it was small and there were a few glitches (The living nativity, complete with animals, didn't show up, although someone from the church called the day before to confirm!!), but all in all it was fun. Colder than Aunt Sadie's butt in a snow bank, but still a lot of fun.

I treated myself to a door decoration for my future home. It is a Zia (sun symbol) that represents New Mexico, with the roadrunner which is the official State bird. The metal is polished to an amazing shine.

There are small splashes of color, either paint or chemical, then a clear (lacquer?) finish over it all. I'm afraid the real beauty doesn't show in these pictures. Using the flash only washed out the color, and it was hard to capture it without the flash, too. Sorry! But trust me, it is gorgeous.

OK, time to get busy and so something constructive. I've started several tasks, and haven't finished one yet, so I'd better finish at least one!! Happy weekend, everyone!!


  1. The tree is beautiful! I also got a good pic of the fireplace which is perfect for stockings! Happy holidays to you and Alan both.

  2. laura - Thanks, and yes, it is beauriful. It is very homey. And HH, to both of you, too!

  3. Ahhhhh. I love the tree. And the door decoration. Not the snow. Don't like that. We haven't had any yet but it'll kick our butts soon enough.

  4. jenn - Thanks! Isn't it interesting that we got snow before you did! Of course, when you get it, it is gonna make this look wimpy, right? I'll keep this, thanks!

  5. That's what a good Christmas tree does: creates more memories, as you remember others.

  6. Ooh so pretty! I love your tree and pretty much all of my ornaments make me sentimental also. but I LIKE it.
    I would love your Festival of Lights also! Fun!

  7. MOre snow! Love it! I'm jealous and the's beautiful.
    and the door decoration! very cool...
    Now, you've just educated me a bit on the sun and the roadrunner...

  8. ragged - Yes, the tree is a reminder of so much. Some extremely happy, some melancholy, but all worth the moment.

    patti - I noticed on your blog that your area has a Festival of Lights, too! Cool!

    kevin - Aren't you just champing at the bit for snow? I hope there is snow for you later this month . . . just enough to enjoy without interfering with your drive to Albuquerque, of course! And as for the educational piece . . . stay tuned! I'm frequently including tidbits about the area, the culture, etc. I'm just a cornucopia of information and knowledge!! LOL!

  9. Let it snow! let it snow! Let it snow!
    That is my daughter's mantra...
    She is desperate at we have not had a snowfall yet and that is all she is dreaming of...
    I can hold off with the inclimate weather for a bit longer...

  10. pendullum - It is interesting that I'm enjoying this snow so much when I really hated it in KC. What a difference a place makes! Yeah, I know, the saying is "what a difference a day makes," and, well, THAT, TOO!!!

  11. I so loved all of your pictures and your sharing Lynilu. Thank you! If all goes well I'll be in NM in Feb!

    Happy to hear too that your Thanksgiving with your family was so enjoyable.

    Stay warm!

  12. eileen - Thanks for the kind words. And EEeee-HAAAWWW, for NM in February! What part of the state?

    Eileen, I'm enjoying being here so much that even when I'm cold, I love it! This has been so good for my soul.


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