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Monday, December 04, 2006

That's My Story And I'm Stickin' To It!

Nah. That picture has nothing to do with this post. It is just a cool picture of the moon a couple nights ago.

OK, here's the story about the Christmas stockings . . .

I was over on patti-cake's blog earlier, and she had pictures of her family's Christmas stockings posted. Cool stockings! I commented that hers is one like I would chose. But I have something very different for now. But I have to give you a little background.

Here are the two beautiful stockings Allan has hanging on the fireplace. They are really beautiful. Nice, tasteful, appropriate Christmas stockings. Neither is mine. I have my own.

Several years ago I became enchanted with frogs. Not sure why. So I began picking up little frog things when I saw one that caught my eye. I have tiny little metallic frogs that I carry in my car and in my purse. I have an old Avon frog jar that someone gave me. I have stuffed frogs and frogs that sing. I have green frogs, blue frogs, white frogs and more. I have frogs that hang and sit and sprawl. You get the picture . . . lots of frogs.

Well, last year I was in Washington State with my two stepdaughters after my husband's death. One day I found a frog wearing a Santa hat, at WalMart, I think. Isn't this face a hoot?!

Well, I thought that it was very cute, so I brought home my little Santa Frog. I put him on the bed in my room, and I thought he was just about the cutest thing in the house.

A little while later, daughter Annette came in the door and was giddy because she found something especially for me. Since I was without many personal items, she bought this stocking . . .

Notice that it is the same face as my Santa Frog! We laughed and laughed about how we both picked the same thing and at the same time!

So both frogs went with me from Washington to Florida where I spent Christmas with my youngest daughter. They have been with me since, and I enjoy looking at them when I need a lift of spirits! They hung on the wall while I was in KC, a reminder of fun times, and sometimes I had to look at them to pull myself out of the dumps. So they've been my connection to a nicer, lighter time in life.

Recently a friend asked if I knew what the frog totem means in Native American lore, and I didn't know, but I looked it up on the Internet. The frog is a symbol of renewal, spring and fertility in the Zuni tribe. This correlates with other clans and and often these traits are attributed to the turtle, as well. I thought how interesting it was that I picked a totem that came to represent my quest in my recent life . . . renewal (I'm "starting over" in a life by myself), spring (the time of year when we all reawaken with fresh ideas and new life), and fertility . . . no, I got nuttin' to say there! Well, I do hope for a life fertile with new friends, new home, and new adventures. I guess that counts!

Allan has good taste. I gots taste, too. But maybe not as good, but damn, am I a lot of fun!!


  1. Sniff, sniff, sniff. . .where's the ladybug stocking?

  2. anon - OH.MY.GAWD. You will not believe the post I was working of for tomorrow while you sneaked in and left this message! AAARRRGGGGHHH! OK, I'm going to go ahead and put it on now. You are TOO MUCH!!! LOL!!

  3. I love your frog stocking. I don't remember seeing that while you were here. Too cute. Should I start calling you "froggie"

  4. caroline - You don't? I was hanging on the wall in the living room most of the time I was there! Of course, I didn't entertain much during those months, so . . .

    Sure, I've been called a lot worse than "froggie"!!!

  5. Somewhere I have a frog wearina santa hat that croaks Jingle Bells. I hope I find him when we move again! Love those stockings, all of them (but you know i'd pick the frog one too!)


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