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Monday, December 04, 2006

I Forgot I Have Another Christmas Frog!

Note: I wasn't going to post this until later tonight or tomorrow, but circumstances have lead me to hurry up and post it today!! You'll understand if you read the previous blog before this one.
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I have a tradition that has gone on for about 20 years now. Each year, right after Christmas, I go to Hobby Lobby or Michael's or a good department store, and I buy Christmas ornaments while they are half price. This way I can pick out nicer ornaments at a reasonable price. These ornaments are for my grandchildren. Each child has an ornament for each Christmas of their lives until they are 22. On their 23rd Christmas, I buy a tree topper. This way, they have the beginnings for decorating their own trees, and I hope, a lot of happy memories to go along.

Once I get the ornaments home, I sort through them. I always buy too many because I either lose count or I can't decide between some for one child or another. Once they are designated, I write that child's name and the year on the bottom or the back of the ornament. I package them for mailing then put them aside until fall when they are mailed to the families.

The ornaments that were sorted out of the the selection are then either packed away for my own tree the following year or given to a charity. Thus, every year I have a few new ones to enjoy myself. This reminds me that when I get my Christmas storage tubs here, I have a lot of work to sort out what is now a huge excess of ornaments. I still have ornaments made of felt, cardboard, glue, sequins, beads and feathers made, with Scott when he was little. He's now 42. I think we can probably put those to rest, either packed away just for my sentimental moments or tossed in the trash. And yes, I will have to be serious about trashing some because I'm moving to a smaller place. Those which are suitable will be donate to charity.

Anyway, today when I opened the bag with the two Santa frogs featured in the previous blog, I saw that I'd forgotten about having a few things with me. I thought I'd share with you how I've decorated my corner of the family room.

First of all, here is the other Christmas frog! I've now decorated one of my house plants, a palm-type tree!! Isn't this cute? I think of it as The Prince (note the tiny crown on his head) I'll some day find, the one that will be a real prince after kissing all the toads/frogs in the world first!

Next is a Ladybug. There is a reason for this . . . my Ladybug knows why! I don't dare buy a frog without buying a ladybug these days! **story at end of post**

On the tree is a feathered umbrella and a glittery sleigh, along with the frog and ladybug.

On my table, two little reindeer stand guard and keep company with Mai Lin.

This is a purchase this year. he rocks and plays . . . what else? "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer"!!!

And boy, does he do a serious rocking!!
Another FROG!! Again, a new purchase, he sings "Deck the Halls," and really screeches the "Fa, la, la," line!! Cracks me up!!

These little elves are now sitting in my window. They actually belong to my three stepchildren, but I've told them they can't have them yet. This is how I keep them with me at Christmas.
And 2 little ornaments that didn't go to anyone are hanging in the two windows.

Next year, these will be donated, but for now I have my own little corner decorated for Christmas!

Poor Allan. As I said, he has really nice taste. I hope he survives this Christmas holiday season with me in the house!! He's a good sport! And remember . . . I'm lots of fun!!

hee hee . . . I mean, Ho, Ho, Ho!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here's the story of the Frog and the Ladybug:

It begins when my son was born. I wasn't able to see him right away, but my husband and mother went to see him. When I asked his father what the baby looked like, he said that he looked like a toad. I was stunned! This was my precious first-born child and his son!! He explained that Scott was crying while they cleaned and weighed him, and that his fat little belly was surrounded by four skinny limbs, stuck straight out, like a toad on it's back. Well, I was offended but the nickname stuck for several months, until he was around 2-3.

A few years later my daughter Terri was just over a year when I put her on her feet in the soft spring grass. She had never walked in the grass, and as babies do, stood stiffly for several minutes before she began trying to walk. A ladybug landed on her arm which was already held out for balance. She watched it intently until the bug got to her wrist, and she lifted the arm toward her open mouth! I got there in time and saved the ladybug from a terrible death . . . and myself from grossing out! I posted a poem about this shortly after I began this blog.

Flash forward, um, 34 years. Terri came to KC to help me pack the house before I left to join my husband in Washington State. We got into my car and she sniffed indignantly when she saw that I had frog seat belt pads in the car, and she asked "why toads, why not ladybugs"! I explained that they were not toads but frogs.

Last winter when I arrived at Terri's home, she had a gift for me . . . a seat belt pad with ladybugs on it!! So now I have to be careful and make sure that I don't add FROGS without adding LADYBUGS, too!! Yeah, you counted right! She's 36! What can I say? Let no one try to tell you that sibling rivalry dies when they grow up! It's lies, all lies!!

BTW, it still goes on between my two stepdaughters, also! They're 46 and 44! Yeah, it's ugly but it's real!!



  1. Heeheeheeeheeehee. . .but I'm cute!

  2. BTW, I love being a trouble maker!!! ILY

  3. I love this entry! Just made me smile and giggle.

  4. Your idea about ornaments for grandchildren is a good one. When our kids grow up I may just try it.

  5. Anon - You, missy, are a stinker!! It's a good thing I love you!

    sassy - I had fun writing it, too!

    wordgirl - I love doing it. One of my girls has started doing it for her grandchildren, as well. You could start with your kids now, you know!

  6. I love all the traditions you have for Christmas. We thought of you when we hung the ornament you gave us in 2004. Remember? And of course all the ornaments that you bought me for my secret mini tree 5 years ago. The mini tree is now considered Sophie's and it's in her room in the window. We put a framed picture of Casey under the tree for Sophie. I bet Casey would have loved all this Christmas stuff. Oh, sweet memories.

  7. caroline - Oh, goodness, I'd forgotten about giving y'all an ornament! I'm glad I did. Did I write on it for you? If not, I'll do it when I come back if you'll keep it out when you pack the decorations away. Oh, wait, I forgot . . . YOU, Miss Mabel, don't pack those away until, what, June? July? I'm glad Sophie is enjoying the little tree and ornaments! Now I've corrupted your whole household! Har! (wicked laugh!!) I'm just a wicked person, aren't I??? hee hee hee!

    I'm glad you're building those sweet memories. Keep building. Never stop.

  8. Ahh does it get any better than frogs and ladybugs? I'm sitting here with a big old goofy grin on my face :)

  9. patti - Don't you know it?!? I can picture you, and I love it!!! LOL

  10. Yes you did put our names and the year on it.


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