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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Well! a few days ago, I had a "thing" pop up on my ankle. It looked like a blister, and it was very sensitive to the touch; even touching near it was uncomfortable. Well, I couldn't figure out how I got a blister there; it's wasn't where a shoe would rub, and I hadn't worn my boots for several days before it began to hurt. The only explanation I could arrive at as I watched this thing grow and look nastier, was that I'd been bitten by a spider, so I put Neosporin on it and covered it with a Bandaid. I remembered that a few days earlier, I'd had a few sharp pains in that area and figured a small spider had crawled into my sock and nibbled on me.

By yesterday, it was looking really nasty and was beginning to darken in the center, so I decided that I should see a doctor. Today I attempted to find a doctor who would see me, but almost all didn't take new patients, and those who did were booked until March!! Yeah, and if it is a spider bite, my leg might have rotted off by that time!

So today I made a trip to a clinic that takes walk-ins. Turns out this clinic was formed by a doctor and his nurse-practioner wife specifically for the reason that many doctors were turning people away for whatever reason. The physician has passed away, but his wife remains there with another doctor. And I'm glad that I went there. I liked them very much.

And my diagnosis is not a spider bite. I have shingles!!! Hey, I think I'd rather have the bite, thank you very much! I've started on medication for this virus, and will have a specially mixed salve tomorrow to dry the lesions. Oh, yes, there are two more small ones starting on the ankle, too. I've been fortunate that these have not caused me a lot of pain, only discomfort.

On a more fun note, my offer on THE HOUSE was accepted a couple days ago after one adjustment in terms. YAY!!!! However, now I'm fighting the battle of financing. My credit ratings are extremely good, but no one wants to finance a "single wide." Or if they will, they want to charge horrible interest rates, like 11.5 %!!! Ridiculous! The mortgage company I originally began working with lost the company they had planned to run my loan through as they decided to quit financing any manufactured homes. They are running all over town and making calls to as many companies as they can to find reasonable rates. I appreciate their efforts.

The reason for this is that something like 60% of loans on single wides are defaulted. But no one is looking at the fact that I am not one of those defaulters! I have owned the same home for over 30 years. My credit is without blemish. My financial resources are more than sufficient to carry me until death. But it doesn't matter to the big financial establishments (Patti Cakes, does this sound like crying cow bank??); they see all mobile home loans as poor risks without looking beyond those damn statistics.

Fear not! I WILL HAVE THIS HOUSE!!! Yes, I'm shouting!! This home is better constructed and better cared for than many site-built homes. I don't want a big expensive house (I don't want to clean 2500 square feet!! And I want to spend my "big bucks" in traveling!!), I don't want to live in a condo that won't even hold my meager furniture (I kept only the living room, one bedroom, office and dining room furniture)! I don't want a house that is the right size and price, but is so old that it will need constant fixing up (I don't mind reasonable fix-its, but I want to travel more than hammer nails)!! I want this house, the size I originally stated I wanted, with a view from heaven, and that's that! I refuse to be side-tracked! I WILL HAVE THIS HOUSE!!

Whew! I feel much better! Send out your good thoughts and prayers for my destination. I'll appreciate it!


  1. And it will be yours if your nefu has any say about it! Seriously, you are in my prayers. You know I'm probably heading into the same hell you're dealing with. I know there is someone out there who will do the job without trying to cheat us.

  2. Ooh I hope you are feeling better and get over those nasty shingles quick Lynilu. June (Hellbunny on my blogroll) has shingles too.

    Yep it sounds exactly like Crying Cow Bank. It totally sucks you know a bank sucks when you work for them and you won't get a loan from them! Keep persevering Lynilu I have no doubt you'll get what you want!

  3. OH NO not Shingles!!!

    Hope your recovery is speedy.

  4. I hope you recover quickly Lynilu!

  5. Nefu - Of course, you know much of my philosophy of life, so I'm working really, really hard to keep the positive energies around me so that more positives are drawn near. And I'll keep you in my prayers, too. Yes, there are good people. We'll find them, by cracky!!

    Patti - I'm actually not too uncomfortable. It is a very light case, and hopefully I got treatment started quickly enough that it will not be worse than it is now.

    I've worked in the financial sector in the past, and I know how it goes. I just hate that our world is based on statistics rather than the people who make the statistics. After all, there are those who make up the good part of the stats, too. That would be me!!

    MLM - Yeah, isn't it pesky? Hopefully, this will be under control very soon. I've had friends who had shingles, and they were miserable with lesions all over their bodies. I hope I'm limited to just these three! Thanks for the wishes.

  6. Jen - Thanks, I think I'll be fine!

  7. What is meant to be, will be. I am certain it will come together and no matter where you make your home, it will be your home.

  8. Lots of good luck to you on getting your home and what you want.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. My mom had shingles a couple years ago.

  9. Speedy recovery to you Lynilu, and best wishes on manifesting all that you need to feel settled and comfortable in your NM home. I agree... traveling is far more fun than hammering nails :-)

  10. Oh, I Hope you feel better Lynilu. Glad that you caught it early and are able to get the treatment started before it got real painful.

    We are saying lots of house prayers over here. I know you so want that house. Thanks for the telling us why you are having a hard time with the financing. I had no idea that was the reason. I mean, I knew you had excellent credit, but that was why banks didn't want to finance to manufactured homes.

  11. Let me explain the last sentence cause it makes no sense...I had no idea that 60% of manufactured homes are defaulted.

  12. Oh, I'm thinking good thoughts about the house you want (and fingers crossed too!)
    My mother has chronic shingles and they just about drive her crazy. I can certainly understand how irritating they can be!

  13. Ragged - Yes, you are right. And sometimes, we/I forget that it isn't always the way we think it should be. But this will! ;-)

    Gerbera Daisy - Thanks! Yeah, shingles are the pits! I hope it clears soon. I only have a few lesions, and thank goodness. I can't imagine what it would hurt like to have a slew of them as many folks do!

    Eileen - As eager as I am to spend time in my new home, I'm also beginning to plan my next trip! Yep, hammers and nails will wait!

    Caroline - I'm really not feeling bad. The lesions hurt sometime, but not always. All are very small but one, and I don't expect this to last long. Thanks for the concerns. I'm going to post an update soon and you'll see where it is now.

    Cheryl - thanks for the good thoughts and crossed fingers! Tell your mom that there is a vaccine for shingles now. I didn't know it. Now that I've had an outbreak, they say it is probably a good idea for me to have it, because the chances of recurrence are high. It is expensive (around $180), but if your mom has it chronically, it might be worth the expense. Once I'm clear, I plan to have it. I don't want to do this again, and especially if it is possibly worse that this outbreak.


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